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A Few Good Questions With.....Laura Sobon, Broncos Cheerleader

Laura Sobon will be entering her 2nd season as a cheerleader for the Denver Broncos.  When she isn't firing up the crowd at Invesco Field, Laura works with a Business Consulting firm.

Laura was kind enough to answer some questions for the MHR.  Here are her replies...

MHR -- How often does being a Broncos cheerleader come up in conversation with people you know?

LS -- That depends.  Obviously, being a Broncos cheerleader is something that I am passionate about and very proud of so it comes up in my conversations dealing with hobbies, what I did over the weekend, etc.  But, it is one part of my life, as my career, my family and friends, and other activities play a large role as well.  

MHR -- How are you able to separate your "day job" from your responsibilities as a Bronco Cheerleader?

LS -- It is easy to separate them because they are very different.  Being a Broncos Cheerleader is a very social job- we are out in the community doing promotions and charities.  It's also very physically demanding as practices are long and require lots of endurance.  It challenges me in an opposite way that my job as a consultant challenges me.

My job as a business consultant is quite the opposite.  I am playing a functional role on a very technical project so I need to understand all the complex, technical things that are going on, as well as to be able to communicate them in an effective manner to my client.  It's an analytical job involving problem solving, working with data, and computer systems.  

I work as a consultant from 8-5 or so and spend my evening and many weekends being a cheerleader.  It's fun to have 2 very different and contrasting roles to balance out my life.

MHR -- What is the best part about being on the squad?  The worst?

LS -- Finding the best part about being a part of this team is very tough for me because I love everything.  I love the rush I feel when I am on the field cheering on my favorite team with the fans.  I feel blessed to get to know and learn from all the wonderful women who make up this team.  I enjoy participating in charities and working with children.  I am excited to be challenged when I dance and to push myself to be better.

There are no "bad" things about being part of this team.  I'd say that it's tough to find enough hours in the day to get everything done, since this is a time consuming activity, but it is worth every moment!!

MHR -- Are you concerned that cheerleaders often fall into certain stereotypes?

LS -- We have an amazing team and I am so happy to be a part of it.  Our image is very classy and we respect ourselves.  I hope that people who see cheerleaders in a negative light will be able to meet one of the girls on our team - each and every girl is genuine and has a lot of integrity - and I would hope that the public would be open to not believing in the negative stereotypes.  

MHR -- What kind of special privileges do you get?  How do you handle ticket requests, etc.

LS -- I receive 2 tickets to each game and they normally go to my mom and dad.  My parents have been a big part of my life and I really enjoy it when they come to the games.  They went to every single dance performance I had as a kid growing up and their support was so great to have.  So, it's not difficult to determine who gets my tickets - my parents definitely have first pick.  

MHR -- Michelle Beisner, a former Bronco Cheerleader, does some work for NFL Network.  Do you see that type of work in your future?  

LS -- I've never thought about it, but I'd be open to learning about any career opportunities that may come up in the future.  I am a cheerleader because I'm passionate about the team and dancing, so it has nothing to do with trying to advance my career.  But, if I were to find something that fell in line with my goals for the future, I'd be open to learning more about it.  

MHR -- Do Broncos cheerleaders hate Raiders cheerleaders as much as the players and fans (and coaches) hate each other?  Are there cheerleader rivalries?

LS -- No, we really don't have rivalries.  Because cheerleaders do not travel to away games, we don't see other teams very often.  

But, there were a few activities last year where some of the girls on our team interacted with other groups of cheerleaders.  These events included the Battle of the NFL Cheerleaders on the NFL Network and the Pro Bowl.  The girls that represented the Broncos came back and had wonderful things to say about the girls from other teams.

MHR -- Are cold weather games as tough to handle for you as the chubby guy in the stands without a shirt on?

LS -- LOL - actually, I am normally pretty warm during cold weather games... or during all games for that matter.  We are constantly moving and we dress appropriately so the weather does not really bother me.  We wear snowsuits, boots, and winter hats for the snowy games so that helps.  Plus, our dances are the equivalent to an intense cardio workout, so my blood is definitely pumping.  We rarely stand still on the sidelines.

Thanks for all your questions!!!  I had a lot of fun answering them and hope to see you all at the games this year!!!!!

Our thanks to Laura for taking the time, and we'll be watching for her next year during Broncos home games!