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Bits and Bytes - 5/14

Bit and Bytes returns after a brief hiatus, with a new look.  Well, maybe not, but since we are in the off-season, I'll put them here, and include all teams from the AFC West.  

Think of it as your source for headlines rergarding the Broncos and our fiercest rivals.  Without further adieu --

Denver Broncos

Jim Saccomano, the Broncos VP of Marketing, Has a new book that might be worth checking out.

Mark Kiszla says Jay Cutler will be a Pro Bowl QB in 2007.

The news that the cause of Damien Nash's death is still unknown is a few days old now, but it bears mentioning that the only thing possibly worse than losing a loved one is not knowing how the hell it happened.  It is said that the death is of "cardiac origin", which would make sense since when you die your heart stops.  Here's hoping the family can find some peace soon.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Broncos weren't the only AFC West team to address the D-Line in the draft.

The two rookies also impressed Herm Edwards during their first mini-camp.

The Chiefs are excited to have WR Dwayne Bowe.

Old friend Eddie Kennison still considers himself the Chiefs #1 receiver.  Idiot.

Oakland Raiders

If it's not one thing, it's another in Oakland, where they have fired their Director of Personnel.  Again, it might be old news, but I still find it funny, all the organizational chaos surrounding the Raiders.

The Raiders O-Line, the group that gave up 72 sacks last season, and was basically awful, is happy with the new coaching regime.  Sure, if a Hall of Fame O-Lineman can't get you prepared, a 31 year old nobody can.

San Diego Chargers

The Chargers are still looking for a home for their new stadium, after losing one possibility over the weekend.

Marty Schottenheimer had a habit of allowing the media access to his coaches only one time a year, before the season started.  The will change in 2007 with Roger Goodell "forcing" teams to allow "regular and reasonable" access to assistants during Training Camp and the regular season.

New Orleans Saints

I couldn't let this one go unspoke of, especially since there were some, not many, but some out there that actually wanted the Broncos to sign this guy. Walter Thomas, the mammoth DT who last attempted to play football at some JUCO in Mississippi, lasted exaclty 13 minutes during Saints Rookie Mini-Camp before needing to be carried off on a stretcher. At 6-5, 375 pounds, Thomas can run a 5.1 - 40, but lacks a bit in the conditioning department, especially in New Orleans where the weather this time of year isn't exactly condusive to big fat guys playing football.

CORRECTION -- I had posted that it was the Broncos' policy to disallow media access to assistant coaches during the season. This IS NOT the case and I am correcting this post. The Broncos DO ALLOW access to coaches after practice and during the season. My apologies.