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On Field Work Starts Today

Damn I miss football!  I thught that this site would help me with my addiction, help pass the time of the long off-season.  The exact opposite has happened.  It has increased my longing for the game, worsened my addiction, made every high harder to obtain.  

Another high will start today, with the Broncos Oraganized Team Activites(OTA's) getting under way, and lasting until June 7.  For those un-aware of what OTA's are, I'll give a brief explanation.  Under the current CBA, teams are allowed 14 days of organized team activities, 14 sessions with on-filed coaching, in addition to a 3-day minicamp and full training camp.  Unlike most teams, the Broncos don't have a minicamp after the draft, choosing instead to have it closer to the July Training Camp.  The idea is that the players will be that much ahead of the curve when training camp starts, and never have too much down time during the off-season.  This year, the Broncos will hold their mini-camp July 9-11, with Training Camp starting July 27th.

OTA's will give the team a chance to try new things, to see if any wild and crazy ideas, like trying safety Steve Cargile out at linebacker, might actually work.  It will also give the Broncos, who have a huge import of coaches on defense and special teams, the first opportunity to get on the field and see if method meets madness in the quest to regain Super Bowl status.

This is going to give us our first look at Jay Cutler, who has had an entire off-season knowing he's the guy, and preparing as the starter.  Mike Klis of the Denver Post talks about Cutler, and how eager he is to get going.

The Combine, free agency, the Draft, all were fun, but this is my time, the actualy football stuff, and it will be awesome to actually talk about what is happening on the field, instead of focussing off of it.

I'll give daily reports, trying to go inside the headlines and give you my thoughts on what is happening, and what I think it means for the Broncos going forward towards Training Camp.  For me, the 2007 season starts today.

Here at are the important dates --

Quarterback camp: Today-Friday; Monday-Thursday, May 24.

Team camp: May 29-June 1; June 5-7.

Minicamp: July 9-11.

Training camp: Starts July 27.


How about a few links to get you going on this fine Wednesday morning --

 With the Broncos officially back on the field, thought immediately will return to two teammates not with them, Darrent Williams and Damien Nash.  Thought of the two fallen Broncos will be with the team as they get set to start on-field work.  The white lines should help the healing process.

 We all know the impact John Lynch has on the field, but his John Lynch Fouondation has a tremendous impact off of it.  The Foundation held it's Annual John Lynch Salutes the Stars, recognizing middle-school and high-school students who are true stars in the community.

 Last, but not least, be sure to tune into the latest edition of MHR Radio, tonight at 10PM(est)/7PM(pst).  Chris from Arrowhead Pride will join us to discuss the Chiefs first mini-camp, and of course I'll touch on everything Broncos related, and sprinkle ina bit of general NFL talk as well.  Perhaps I'll even have a few thoughts about the Brett Favre situation.  Be there!!!