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Broncos In The Top 5 of Best Off-Season List

It is becoming habit that the Broncos rank highly on their off-season activity.  The Broncos were among the most aggressive teams during the off-season, and on most accounts the feedback has been positive.

The latest such list was released by FOXSports and graded the Broncos #4 in the list of teams having the best off-season  Below is their take on the Broncos off-season moves --

4. Denver Broncos

In no way could the 2007 off-season be seen as a positive one for Denver. Two tragic events struck the Broncos family in the off-season. The deaths of Darrent Williams and Damien Nash shook the team, the city of Denver, and the NFL as a whole. Roster-wise, Denver did improve in the off-season. A 1,500-yard running back in Travis Henry comes to Mile High, serving as the first big-name back to grace Denver 's backfield since the Clinton Portis trade. Veterans Dre' Bly, Daniel Graham, and Patrick Ramsey join the squad as well. On draft weekend, the Broncos addressed their defensive line needs, scooping up Jarvis Moss, Tim Crowder, and the draft's biggest question mark -- Florida DT Marcus Thomas. Jay Cutler's ready to go, and the re-vamped defensive line is too.

Biggest gain: Travis Henry, RB
Biggest loss: Al Wilson, LB

Are they in better shape now than they were in January? Yep. Cutler's now got a year under his belt, Travis Henry joins Mike Bell in the backfield, and there's suddenly a crop of young pass rushers ready to attack the AFC West.

What people think of the moves you make in March, April and May really don;t matter if they don't pan out from September through January, but I think we all agree the team that taking the field for the Broncos now is better than the one that lost to the 49'ers to end the season.

The Top-10 is as follows --

10.  Cleveland Browns
 9.  Dallas Cowboys
 8.  New Orleans Saints
 7.  New York Jets
 6.  Seattle Seahawks
 5.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
 4.  Denver Broncos
 3.  Oakland Raiders
 2.  San Francisco 49'ers
 1.  New England Patriots