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Thoughts On Kircus and Other Ramblings

Kircus Might Be Gone

Things aren't looking too good for Broncos receiver David Kircus.  Maybe that should read soon-to-be former Broncos receiver David Kircus.  After being a person of interest in an alledged assault on Sunday, Kircus was officially booked and charged with second-degree assault on Monday.  Kircus has been accused of punching a man at a party Kircus was invited to by a female acquaintence.  During the party, Kircus and the female friend reportedly had a disagreement and the owner of the house asked Kircus to leave.  At some point while outside Kircus struck the man, leaving him with multiple facial fractures.  The news of Kircus' run in with John Q. Law did not please Mike Shanhan --

"Obviously if he didn't handle himself the right way he won't be with us," Broncos coach Mike Shanahan said. "But I'm going to let the due process take care of itself first and find out exactly what the situation is."

Meaning, if you did what they say you did, David, pack your bags....

Shanny did say there is still a conflict in the story being told by Kircus compared to that of the people at the party --

"You don't know if a guy's defending himself, or the guy punches you, or throws a punch and does hit you," Shanahan said.

Kircus missed all of Monday's work, and since he is due back in court at 8:30 AM this morning will probably miss more work today.  Shanny is prepared to get all the facts, however, before making a decision.

"Let's wait until the due process takes care of itself and find out if he's guilty or not. If he's guilty then he'll pay the penalty. If not then he (will) be with us."

 Scheffler Update -- The news regarding Tony Scheffler and his broken foot seems to be encouraging right now.  A screw was inserted into the foot yesterday and the prognosis is the same as initially reported -- two months.  That should leave Scheffler enough time to be ready, but foot injuries are always tough to judge.  

Even if Scheffler gets back in time for the start of training camp, there will need to be alot of work done to catch up on all the practice time lost.

"It doesn't help him, that's for sure," Shanahan said of Scheffler's injury. "He's going to have to do a lot of rehab to make sure when he does come back he's in pretty good shape. Sometimes that's hard to do when you have a screw in your foot. But Greek has a way of getting these guys ready to go."

 Hixon Impressive -- Fellow University of Akron Alum(yes, I was a Zip) Domenik Hixon is starting to turn heads in his first full action with the Broncos.  Hixon, the 4th round pick in the 2006 draft, missed the entire 2006 season recovering from a foot injury he suffered getting ready for the draft(like I said, they can be tricky).  Now that Hixon is completely healed and able to go full speed some guys are taking notice, most notably Champ Bailey --

"You can't really grade the guy too much from practice," Bailey said. "But from what I see, the guy . . . runs great routes. He's fast. He's an unbelievable talent. . . . Other than Brandon and Javon (Walker, both current starters), who are going to stand out, he's that guy where you say, 'Dang, this guy's good.' "

That's why Bailey preferred to discuss Hixon in terms of potential contributions at receiver instead of on special teams, where the 6-foot-2, 185-pounder has a legitimate shot at being a dual threat in the return game.

"The guy could probably start for this team. He's got that kind of talent," Bailey said. "Now you've got to translate that to games, and that can make a difference. But he has that ability."

Of course, practice is just practice, ask Allen Iverson, but having watched Hixon throughout his college career the guy is just a freakish athlete.  He was a solid defender his first two years at Akron before being moved to WR, and despite having no experience at the position became an all-conference player.  

Here's an example of Hixon's speed and ability --

 Jim Armstrong tells us that Champ Bailey is looking to get even pickier this season.

 Lee Rasizer says Brandon Marshall knows what it takes and plans on being great.