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Bits and Bytes, 5/24

Some of the story's I am reading while drinking my morning coffee --

 After years of playing in domed stadiums, Broncos CB Dre Bly is looking forward to a snowy winter in Denver.

 If you want to know who has the best CB tandem in the League, ask Camp Bailey and Dre Bly, they'll be happy to tell you.

 Travis Henry is spending his first off-season with the Broncos picking up the intricacies of the zone blocking scheme.

 Warrick Holdman is hoping to ditch his number the first chance he gets.

 The Chiefs made a trade, but it didn't involve who you think.

 Herm Edwards is already getting feisty and it's only May, but the Trent Green situation isn't a distraction.  Yea, right.

The search continues for a new home for the Chargers.

The Raiders have found a replacement for Randy Moss, I guess.

Ahman Green had to pay a little more than he expected for his #30 after joining the Texans.