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Attention All Lurkers -- Welcome To The MHR!!!

Once every few moths I like to take time to welcome all our new members as well as reach out to those of you who are lurking around.  First, Welcome to the MHR.  Below are some guidlines to use during your stay.  The off-season is quickly flying by with the Broncos back on the field.  Before you know it we'll be on the cusp of Training Camp and another exciting season of Broncos football will be upon us.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, complaints you'd like to share with me, feel free to send me an email at

First, if you haven't yet, please Sign-Up.  It's free, and I'll never, ever use your e-mail address for anything, ever.  By signing up you will be able to post comments, as well as create Diaries.  What are diaries, you ask?

Diaries are your opportunity to shape the direction of the site.  It give you the opportunity to post what ever is on your mind, to express your opinion instead of just having to read mine all the time.  There are some ground rules, which we'll get to later, but for the most part I leave the Diary section to you to do with what you will.  If you want to talk about the offense?  Create a Diary.  You want to talk about the defense?  Create a Diary.  You need help with your homework?  Hire a tutor.  You get the idea.  If your diary is solid, I'll even move it up to the front page.  

The only rules are the following -

1.  Keep it as clean as possible.  There are readers of all ages and I appreciate all of you.

2.  This Site Is All About Opinions -- Yours and mine, so be open to what other people think.  Sure you can debate and disagree, but keep it business, not personal.

3.  Give Credit -- If you copy text from another site, please give credit and provide the link.

4.  Respect The Enemy -- We will frequently have fans from other teams on the site.  Be as courteous as possible, unless they are Raiders fans of course!!  :)


Last but not least, we are all football fans and Broncos fans.  I am not "competing" with other Broncos sites out there.  I am a frequent visitor of the Broncos team site, as well as Andrew Mason's Blog.  I am also an active participant over at OrangeMane as well as BroncosFreak.  I welcome their members and encourage any of you that have never checked them out to do so.

That's all I got.  To review,  Sign-up, Be Active, Play nice with others and have fun and we'll be Kool and the Gang.