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Tragic Off-Season Continues In NFL

In what has been an unprecedented off-season for tragedy in the NFL already, news has broken that the body of Patriots DE Marquise Hill has been found in a body of water outside of New Orleans, LA this afternoon.  Reports first broke that Hill, a second round draft pick of the Patriots in 2004 and a member of LSU's National Championship team, was involved in a Jet-Ski accident in Lake Pontchartrain Sunday evening.  Hill and a female companion were riding the watercraft without life vests when they were thrown into the water.

As Broncos fans we have become all too aware of traghedy this off-season and everytime something likes this happens it opens up the wonds just a little bit.  Once again we are reminded that football is, in fact, just a game.  When tragedy struck the Broncos family not once but twice friends and rivals alike were quick to send kind thoughts and we should do the same at this dark time for the Patriots.

On behalf of, our thoughts and prayers go out to Marquise Hill and his family, and too all Patriots fans everywhere.