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Kircus Passes 'Test', To Remain With Broncos

I guess one of the benefits to being a writer for Denver is getting the drop an every big story of the off-season.  Such is the life of Andrew Mason who benefits greatly from having the "best seast in the house" every day when the team hots the practice field, then once again leaves.

Andrew isn't sellfish with the knowlegde, however, and freely shares his inside info over at his BLOG.  Today little "morsal", as the Blog is called deals with David Kircus.  As we all know, the Broncos wide receiver is facing 2nd degree assault charges for going Mortal Kombat on someone's face last weekend.  Shanny stated at the time that if it came to light Kircus was to blame he would no longer have the priveledge of playing for the Broncos.

Today, Shanny spoke to the media about the Kircus situation, including an update as to what Kircus' status on the team is.  Many thanks to Andrew Mason for the the updates --

"Friday at 10 o'clock. Obviously it was somebody that does it for a living -- an FBI agent -- who (administered) it. They're experienced in that area. He gave us the results. They asked the tough questions -- did you defend yourself, did you take the first swing, or who took the first swing. There were three or four questions that were asked different ways, and according to the person who took it, it was 100 percent."

"Well, if not, he wouldn't be with us. If he flunked the test, he would not be with us. He wanted to take the test. He said, `Coach, if I flunk it, I won't be on this football team. If I do pass it, I'll be on this team.' I said, `Hey, that's fair enough for me.' Anybody that wants to go in there and take a lie detector test where his career is based on whether it comes out positive or negative, I've got a good feeling."

"Yeah, I've done it a number of times, and every time it's -- I had a couple of situations in college where something was missing and we had an idea of who was involved. It's been very good for us over the years -- at least my experience with it."

"Oh, yeah. They weren't with us (after the test)."

A lie detector test??  Awesome.  What happens in a court of law remains to be seen, but in the Court of Shanny, the Coach has heard from the defendant, administered a polygraph, and proclaimed Kircus is innocent-enough-ish to remain with the Broncos.  Hey, we all know every team has it's own sort of justice with regards to what goes on in the locker room, but the polygraph takes the "Keystone Kourt", or whatever the Broncos call it, to all new levels.  At least we know there is sufficient technology available to find out who snapped Jason Elam with a towel in the shower when everyone denies the charges!!

Obviously this is a serious matter, and what the future holds for Kircus in a real courtroom remains to be seen.  It was just a bit amusing to me that Shanny has made a habit of using the polygraph.