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MHR Radio Episode VI

Have you checked out MHR Radio yet?  If not, WHY NOT??  MHR Radio is the perfect place to get your Broncos fix during the off-season, and we'll make sure to mix in a little NFL stuff as well.  Something on your mind?  Talk about it in the chat room with other listeners.  Even send in photos and video!!!

MHR Radio is the Official Podcast of, and better yet, it is done LIVE, and gives you the opportunity to be part of the show!  Register over at and you can enjoy an interactive chat during the show, share photos and videos with the audience and call and talk live with me or any of our guests.

Tonight we have an excellent show.  Jimmy from MusicCityMiracles will join us to discuss everything Tennessee Titans, who figure to be a major player in the AFC in 2007.

Hope to see you there, and make sure to go over to NowLive to sign up for your free account!!

Click here to listen to the show!