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MHR At Denver Broncos Fan Fair -- Live Blog Part 1

What an exciting weekend coming up.  Yours truly will be heading to Denver for the Broncos 5th Annual Fan Fair being held at Invesco Field Saturday and Sunday.  It as just after 10 AM EST, just under 6 hours until I board Frontier Airlines Flight 494.  My plan is to update the blog as much as possible with the events of the weekend.

Here is a brief look at my itinerary for today and boy do I get tired just thinking about it --

1:00PM - Leave For The Airport -- I am actually flying out of Akron since Frontier doesn't fly into Cleveland.  Got a great price for the round-trip jaunt, $260.  Much cheaper than anything I could find on my preferred airline, Continental.  The drive should take me a little over an hour.  Not that you guys care about all of this, but hey, if you want to gory details you are going to get all of them.

4:00PM - Scheduled Departure  -- I have never flown Frontier, but I have to admit I am stoked about flying on an airplane that offers DirecTV to it's passengers.  How cool is that?  2 1/2 hours of Cavaliers Highlights to keep me entertained.  Maybe an ice cold libation to enjoy.  By the looks of the flight it is going to be pretty packed, which means I am going to want to get on the plane early as possible. Does anyone else hate getting on a plane, opening the overhead bin above your seat and seeing it filled with the stuff from someone sitting 15 rows behind you? Me too, that's why I open the overhead, take it out, put it in the aisle, and put my stuff in.  I try not to check luggage when I can, and hey, I've paid for that space!

5:10PM(mst) - Plane Arrives -- I am scheduled to get to the Mile High city just after 5.  The is where the fun starts.  I need to catch a taxi as soon as possible, and get to Invesco Field.  A new friend, bfoflcommish from won the opportunity for him and 5 of his family/friends to spend the night camping out on the Invesco Field grass.  Totally awesome!  There are a bunch of other activiites scheduled as well and I need to get there ASAP.  Hopefully I get a crazy-cabbie.

That's what I have on tap.  This weekend is going to be a whirlwind and it is going to be a blast sharing it with you.  I'll have my camera as well as a digital audio recorder to take in all the fun.  More later, and hope you enjoy the ride!!!