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The Flight, The Field, The Food, The Fun -- Live Blog Part 2

The Flight -- I have made it safely, with barely a bump in the road.  The flight on Frontier was great, and the DirecTV made the 3 hours fly by.  I would highly recommend to anyone looking to fly to give Frontier a looksie.  Besides, what other aircraft can you fly on that sports a huge picture of wildlife on the tail??  Bucky was the name of the White-tailed Deer on my Airbus 319, and she did a great job making sure we got to Denver on time.

Next to the overhead bin deal I mentioned before, the second most annoying thing on an airplane has to be old guys who think the open seat between you must belong to them.  Before I even had a chance to strap in the old guy had placed his overhead baggage and sport coat in the seat.  "Looks like we'll have some extra room," he says.  "Well, it did for a second".  A-hole.

Of course, I did come to find out that cab drivers who don't speak english, and need to call friends for directions to get to the biggest place in the city, are available everywhere, and if they are out there I will find them.  After driving aimlessly through the city for 20 minutes we finally arrived, and I got to meet my "host" family.  They have been great and I can't thank them enough.

6PM(mst) - The Field -- The field is gorgeous, and just how I imagined it.  The greenest grass you have ever seen, and the smell of football surrounding you.  We spent the first couple of hours touring the stadium, eating a delicious bar-b-que dinner, and throwing footballs around the end-zone.  There seems to be around 200 people here, all having a blast.  Quincy Morgan was out throwing footballs with the kids, and while I could have interupted him I figured I'll have my chance tomorrow.

As I type this Rudy is playing on the large scoreboard.  It feels alot like a drive-in, except there are 76,250 seats.  The photos won't do it justice, though I will do my best to get some posted ASAP.  This is shaping up to be a great weekend.  Without a power supply around here I'll have to power down until the morning.  Until then, know that this is tons of fun and I am trying to take as much of it in as possible to share with you....