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Breaking Down The Roster -- An Overview

 We have about a month until the July Mini-Camp, and shortly there after is full-fledged Training Camp.  I am going to assume that the Broncos roster is finalized and all the guys that will help the Broncos this season are already in the locker room, at least until another 330+ pound DT is available.

To help fill the final 30 or so days until the Mini-Camp, I'll be breaking down the Broncos roster, giving you my thoughts on each position and player and what, if any, impact they'll have on the field in 2007.  To make it exciting and keep it fresh I will alternate offense and defense.  Below is a tentative schedule --

June 13 - Tight Ends

June 14 - Defensive Tackle

June 15 - Offensive Line

June 18 - Defensive End

June 20 - Quarterback

June 22 - Linebacker

June 25 - Running Back

June 27 - Safety

June 29 - Wide Receiver

July  2 - Cornerback

July  4 - Special Teams

July  6 - Coaching Staff

A pretty formidable task, no doubt, but it's the least I can do to try and speed up the off-season.  Anyone who would like to tackle a category feel free to post in the Diary section and I will utilize the best stuff into my breakdown.

As always, thanks for making the MHR what it is, and GO BRONCOS!

 On a sidenote, I read an article on Al Wilson, who has yet to be cleared to return to the field.  I am still curious to the exact nature of the injury, which has never really been talked about, other than to say it is a neck/spinal cord injury.

I still think the after-shocks of letting Wilson go are reverberating throughout Bronco Nation, and I know I speak for many of you when I say it is my sincere hope that Al Wilson returns to the football field, but only if he is completely healthy.  Wilson is a warrior, but there is no need to risk permanent injury. I hope the other 31 teams in the NFL do their homework, and only give clearance if it is truly warrented.

As for Wilson, he says he feels great --

I'm just trying to stay in shape and see where it goes from there," Wilson said Friday before teeing off in the sixth annual Al Wilson Prostate Cancer Golf Tournament at The Ridge at Castle Pines North. "The neck feels good. But at the same time, that's just an internal thing, how I feel. You never know until you get out there and play ball. If you're not healthy, you shouldn't be out there. So it's still up in the air. I feel good. But that doesn't mean the tests won't show that nothing has changed. I'm just looking forward to finding out."

Good Luck, Al.  We are all pulling for you!