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An Early Morning and Some Photos

Good Morning all!!  5:30 AM sure did come fast, and the sounds surrounding Invesco Field at night aren't very condusive to sleeping.  "Camping" out on a football field, in a stadium, in the middle of a huge metropolitan city isn't exactly like going to the local state park if you know what I mean.  Trains, sirens, horns, a little bit of everything.  I was able to muster a couple of hours here and there.

For Breakfast the team supplied donuts, bagels and cream cheese, a lovely fruit platter, OJ and coffee.  With the temperature somewhere in the 40's the coffee was definitely appreciated, as were the pants and sweatshirt I packed at the very last minute.  After parting with Ricky and his family I headed over to the Red Lion Hotel which is located directly next door to Invesco Field.  I figured there was no way they would have my room ready at 7:00AM.  I was wrong, which leads me to believe there would have been a room available last night, had I checked to see.  Oh well, how often do you get to hang out on the field and watch Remember the Titans on the scoreboard?

I did force myself to get a couple hours of shut eye before attacking this post on my wife's suggestion.  I feel much better, and am ready for the days events.  I finally have some photos for your viewing pleasure.  Look at the filename in your browser address bar to see what you are looking at(it's in the filename). ENJOY!