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Fan Fair -- Day 1 -- The Camera Decides To Die

Isn't that they way it always happens?  Heading over for Day 1 of the Fan Fair this moring I decided to take a picture of the Fan Fare sign hanging from the stadium.  As soon as I turned the power to the camera on I was greeted with a high-pitched beep and a message that would ruin the day of even the most optimistic person.  "Card Error" in big red letters.  Not good.  After returning to my room and trying to find out what was going on I had an epiphany.  Just go to the store and buy one.  Smart Media cards should be found at a Radio Shack, right?

Thus my journey into Downtown Denver begins.  The hotel shuttle drops me off at the 16th Street Mall.  A wonderful area to be sure and one I would love to spend time at if I wasn't on a mission.  First, to Radio Shack, but they don't carry the SM cards anymore.  On the way to the Shack I noticed a camera store.  They HAVE to have one, right?  WRONG!  It seems Smart Media cards are a thing of the past.  What a pisser.

So, one my way back to the rondezvous point I notice an ESPN Zone.  Never one to turn down an opportunity at some tasty cheese fries I pop in and enjoy a plateful while watching the Cubs/Braves game.  Perfect timing too, just in time to see Sweet-Lou Piniella have one of his historic meltdowns.  It really brightened up my day to say the least.

After the cheesy goodness I grabbed the shuttle and decided to stop at a Walgreens to get a disposable camera.  At least I will still be able to take some phots, though there won't be any instant gratification.  

By this time it is early afternoon, and I head over to the Fair.  It was a great time, though I missed alot of the player opportunites.  I felt like bit of a cheapskate, getting in for free and all, and figure I might buy a ticket tomorrow.  Did have a chance to see John Lynch leaving the joint and he seemed in good spirits.  In all, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, and the kids were having a blast.  All the staff was pleasant and courteous.

After checking out the team-shop I headed back to the hotel.  I think the flight, combined with the time change, and a night spent sleeping on a football field are starting to take their toll.  I feel tired, annoyed about the camera, and a bit groggy from what must be some jet-lag.  I do have the perfect fix, however, and that is the sports bar on the 14th floor here at the Red Lion.  A few libations, the Cavs/Pistons game on a TV and a couple-dozen wings and I'm all good.  Speaking of which, time to go.....