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MHR Afternoon Delight

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A beautiful afternoon here at the Casa-De-MHR so I thought I would enlighten you with some news and notes swirling around the NFL today.  Surely I will be discussing both of these topics TONIGHT on MHR RADIO.

  First, we head to Sin City where the noise you heard was the complete collapse of Pac-Man Jones' career, or what was left of it anyway.  Jones has been charged with two felony counts related to a shooting that took place at a Vegas strip club during NBA ALL-STAR Weekend.  The shooting left one man paralyzed and two others injured.

Jones, 23, of Franklin, Tenn., faces two counts of felony coercion stemming from allegations he threatened to kill club employees and bit a bar bouncer on the ankle, according to a criminal complaint filed in Clark County District Court.

Coercion is the act of threatening or physically interfering with a person trying to do something that he or she has a right and responsibility to do.

The charges are slightly different from those police sought in March against Jones, Reid and Morrison. Clark County District Attorney David Roger declined to file those charges, asking police for more information and to identify a shooter.

Remember this, kids, Jones suspension for this season was not a result of the events that occurred in Vegas.  He has yet to be formally punished for that and now that felony charges have been filed I expect the NFL will have little choice than to kick his ass out of the NFL for good.  Good riddance.  I often wonder how it would feel to make that type of money.  Surely Pac-Man Jones is wondering today how it will feel to piss it all away.

  On the Broncos front, Pete Prisco is at it again, this time listing his Most Over-Rated and Under-Rated players form each team.  He came up with one for each, and as is the case the majority of the time he had to take a pot shot at the Broncos.  Here are his choices --


DT Gerard Warren. In fairness to Warren, he played with dislocated toes last season. But he still didn't play like he did in 2005. Of course, John Lynch could fill this spot every year.

I know someone had to be the Most Overrated, and Warren is a solid choice, but to throw John Lynch under the bus was total bush league.  I have no problem mentioning arounf here Lynch's liabilities in the passing game, but what Lynch gives up in speed and coverage ability he makes up for 2-fold in positioning and preperation.  How many times was Lynch beaten deep for a TD as opposed to, let's say, Roy Williams of the Cowboys?  As for Warren, the injuires pplayed a big role in his 2006 season and I expect big things from Warren in '07.


LG Ben Hamilton. He has taken over as the team's best offensive lineman. He's a tough, physical player whose best football is still ahead of him.

Actually a solid choice by Prisco here, though my vote is still for Tom Nalen.  Sure, Nalen has been to 5 Pro Bowls, but the dude was a 7th round draft pick and is never even mentioned when discussing the top centers in football.  I have no complaints with hamilton as a choice, however, and his selection to a Prop Bowl is long overdue.

Below are his selections for the rest of the AFC West --



RB Dominic Rhodes. Yes, he had a nice Super Bowl. And he did nicely splitting time with Joseph Addai. But that's all he is, a spot player.


CB Nnamdi Asomugha. This kid has developed into one of the best cover corners in the league. He was a Pro Bowl snub last year.



CB Ty Law. He's living off the past. He has slowed down and it shows. Even in the Chiefs' Cover-2 defense, that shows up.


DE Jared Allen. If he can stay clear of off-the-field problems, he will cash in big next year as a free agent.



QB Philip Rivers. This being nitpicky because I really like Rivers. But I've seen him ranked as a top five quarterback already. That's a bit quick. He can get there this season, but not yet. There aren't a lot of candidates on the Chargers for this spot.


DE Igor Olshansky. He tends to get overlooked on a line with Jamal Williams and Luis Castillo, but he's right up there with them.