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Sleeping With The Enemy - Broncos and Chiefs Talking Trade

Dude Needs To Tackle Better Than That!

Could it happen?  I mean really, could the Broncos and Chiefs, bitter AFC West rivals form way back int the AFL days really consummate a trade, really agree to a deal that could make each team better in some way, shape or form?  

If you believe what the newspapers in Kansas City are saying the Broncos and Chiefs are in discussions on a deal that would send disgruntled Chiefs safety Greg Wesley to the Broncos for a draft pick.  In fact, the Kansas City Star goes so far as to say the two teams have agreed to the compensation, with the Chiefs holding off final approval of the deal becuase, well, after all, the Broncos are a divisional rival and Wesley is a pretty decent safety.  

In reality this story, which you have heard nothing of in the Denver media, was probably leaked by the Chiefs in hopes of generating interest in the seven-year vet around the league.  If nothing happens, and the way the Chiefs have handled their personnel matter this off-season it is unlike anything will, K.C. with have to decide on whether releasing Wesley for nothing or at least getting something for him even if the partner is a hated rival.

Let me give some free advice to Carl Peterson.  Your star running back is pissed, one of your best defenders is an alocoholic and pissed, you finally got rid of your starting quarterback, who was pissed, and the way you are handling the QB battle is bound to piss off everyone involved.  All the while, your fan base, you know, the ones who pay your salery are getting increasingly pissed.  You are a rebuilding football team.  Go ahead, Carl, you can say it....Reeeeee-buillllllddddddiinnng.  There, that should feel better.

The Chiefs will be in no position to compete with the Chargers or Broncos in 2007.  They need to get younger and more athletic on both sides of the ball and really have no idea what kind of performance they are going to get from the most their quarterbakc, who seems too busy with a hand-scanner at Dillards to adequately prepare for the 2007 season.  Oh, and he has only started a handful of games....AT ANY LEVEL becuas ehe has blown out his knees a half-dozen times.

All I'm saying is the Chiefs should build for the future, the present be damned.  If the Broncos are going to give the Chiefs more than a bucket of golf balls and a free ticket to next year's Broncos' Fain Fair the Chiefs should jump on it, and FAST.  Sure, Wesley might make some plays this year, or next, that come back and haunt them, but do the Chiefs really think they are going to be Super Bowl ready this year or next?  I think not...but then again, as we have talked about in the past, 9-7 and a playoff appearance are considered a success.

For all y'all that want to see how productive Wesley has been, look no further than below....