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Fan Fair -- Day 2 -- So Sad To Say Goodbye

Here I am, at Denver's beautiful, and busy, and inefficient airport awaiting the boarding of my flight back to Akron/Canton Airport.  It feels a bit fitting to me to be flying into an airport that sits about 5 miles north of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton since I have spent the past 48 hours surrounded by Hall of Fame players(even if the idiot media doesn't think so) and Hall of Fame Fans who came out in droves for a chance to see, get an autograph from, or snap a picture of Broncos greats from the past and present.

I'll have much more to say about my weekend after getting a night of sleep in my bed and a big hug and kiss from my 3 year old daughter.  Right now my mind is more consumed on missing her, and my 6 month old, than planning a legible post on this site and for that I take blame.  Let me say that I would highly recommend to any Broncos fan anywhere to make it to one of these Fair's in the future.  Many of the readers on this site live in the general area of other Pro Football teams like me, and I can tell you most don't have anything like this.  The access to the field, the players, the cheerleaders, the coaches is pretty unique and special and as a die-hard Broncos fan that can't go to every game, or follow the team up close, the Fan-Fair gave me the opportunity, if only for one weekend, to feel like I was part of the Broncos Nation.  Walking around the concourse, asking questions of the players, answering Broncos trivia questions, all made me fell closer to the team and for that I thank them.

Unfortunitely I didn't get to meet some of the people I wanted too that have been such a help to me within the Broncos organization, like Patrick Smythe or Andrew Mason.  Maybe next time.  I did meet J. Michael Moore, who writes for Denver and Broncos Magazine and he was great.  Thanks for reading and thanks accepting the fact that site's like mine exist and actually have a place and provide value to the franchise.  We are the voice of the fan, and unlike the MSM we have no agenda.

As soon as I get the pictures digitized I will get them posted.  Tomorrow, when my thoughts are clearer, I am sure there will be more.  For now, just know it was a great time, and thanks to the Broncos for the experience.