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Persistance Could Finally Pay Off For D-Line

Adams Is One Big Mutha!

The Broncos have tried the entire off-season to add bulk to an undersized defensive line that wore down all too often last season, specifically at tackle.  

Their first attempt was to bring in "Big Daddy" Dan Wilkinson in a trade with Miami.  After nearly a month of waiting Wilkinson never showed and the trade was nullified.

Next came the draft with the Broncos adding 4 defensive lineman, two at the tackle position with Marcus Thomas in the 4th Round and Steven Harris as an undrafted free agent.  Even with those picks you coould tell Shanny's insatiable desire to add a huge impact player next to Gerrard Warren had yet to be fulfilled.

Enter Sam Adams, who was released by the Cincinnati Bengals on May 14.  Since the release Adams' name has been linked with the Broncos and the team has been giddy in their interest of him.  Well, dreams sometimes do come true.  There are reports that the Broncos are close to signing Adams to a one year deal which could be announce as soon as today.  Adams is long in the tooth, for sure, but in the right system, on the right team, that utilizes him properly, he can still be a force on the d-line.

There are pros and cons to bringing in Adams, though we know Shanny is not afraid to take a chance.  Adams is 6-3, 350 pounds and that's being generous.  When motivated Adams can still bury the run game on his own.  On the down side, Adams struggled through the worst season of his career in 2006 amassing only 14 tackles and 2 sacks.  Adams would also be joining his 5th team in the last 6 years.  How much can Adams have left?

If Adams can just come in, give the Broncos 20 solid plays per game, and tutor the young guys Thomas and Harris, it will be worth the risk.  Regardless, Shanny continues to show he is loading up for a title run this season.  Bringing in Adams is another step in that direction.

Here's a look at Adams career --