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USA Today Counts 'Em Down -- Top 25 NFL Players Of the Last 25 years

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I Love Lists....Ok, I don't, but they are fun to talk about.  We'll get into this on MHR Radio tonight but I wanted to post it here to get your take.  USA Today broke down the Top 25 Players of the Past 25 years as par tof their 25th Anniversary.

Below is the list, and to be honest, I really can't find much fault with it...Sure, Elway should be higher than 6, but he is the 2nd quarterback listed so it all becomes relative.

  1.  Joe Montana(QB) -- Montana's Super Success Raised The Bar
  2.  Jerry Rice(WR) -- Rice Ran Away From The Field With Grace
  3.  Walter Payton(RB) -- Payton Did Sweet Work As Rushing King
  4.  Lawrence Taylor(LB) -- Original L.T. Brought QBs to Their Knees
  5.  Reggie White(DE) -- White Administered a Rare Level of Play
  6.  John Elway(QB) -- Elway Left NFL as a Winner
  7.  Emmitt Smith(RB) --  Surpassed All Runners
  8.  Ronnie Lott(S) -- Lott Made Waves With Hard Hitting Style
  9.  Tom Brady(QB) -- Brady Climbed Fast To Super Heights
  10.  Barry Sanders(RB) -- Sanders Left Them Wanting More
  11.  Dan Marino(QB) -- Marino Re-Wrote All Passing Records
  12.  Peyton Manning(QB) -- Manning's Place Is Secure In League Annals
  13.  Anthony Munoz(OL) -- Munoz Set Standard On O-Line
  14.  Brett Favre(QB) -- Favre Made Green Bay Important Again
  15.  Bruce Smith(DE) -- Smith Sacked His Way to the Top
  16.  Deion Sanders(CB) -- Deion Played His Way Into "Prime Time"
  17.  Mike Singletary(LB) -- Singletary Renowned for Intimidating Presence
  18.  Ray Lewis(LB) -- The Ultimate Defender
  19.  Marshall Faulk(RB) -- Faulk Brought Double Threat To New Level
  20.  Troy Aikman(QB) -- Aikman Saved 'America's Team'
  21.  LaDainian Tomlinson(RB) -- Tomlinson Still Climbing List of NFL Greats
  22.  Rod Woodson(DB) -- Woodson Set New Standard in Backfield
  23.  Terry Bradshaw(QB) -- Playoof Success Carried Bradshaw To Hall Of Fame
  24.  Steve Young(QB) -- After Wait, Young Found Success
  25.  Eric Dickerson(RB) -- Dickerson Blazed Early Path To NFL Immortality
There you have it....Feel free to discuss...