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Horse Tracks - 7/31/07

The feedback I received suggested Horse Tracks have it's own spot here on the main page everyday, and to prove that I listen to said feedback, here it is.  Now, if anyone out there is good with graphics and such I would love a logo to go along with it.  

Anything that you think shuld be part of Horse Tracks?  Let me know at  Here we go!

  A daily must for Broncos fans is a visit to Andrew Mason's blog.  There will be links daily in Horse Tracks to his reports.  This one talks about the new attitude on Special Teams.

  The Broncos need to come together quickly with a lot of new faces in the locker room.

  Sure, Jay Cutler is tough, but he needs to stay upright for the Broncos to be successful.

  The same article also speaks about Preston Parsons practice squad eligibility and Todd Sauerbrun holding the edge in the punting competition.

  Broncos' players admit that missing the playoffs made for a tough off-season.

  Snippets about Brandon Stokley on the field, Jason Elam in England and the talking O-Line.

  Jay Cutler is as accurate as they come in the NFL.

  The Raiders have their eyes on a veteran with JaMarcus Ruseell holding out.

  The Chiefs have a few holdouts of their own to worry about.

  The Patriots have already lost a DB for the season.

  Frank Gore will miss the rest of Niner's camp due to injury.