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Seven Truly Belongs To Elway

A Mile-High Salute to Elway on 7-7-07

I am not one for lists, never have been.  I can't deny, however, that all these Top 10, Top 50, Top 1000 lists we see revolving around the world of sports creates quite the debate.  That's why This List caught my fancy.  Starting at Jim Otto(00) and going all the way to Wayne Gretzky(99), SI counted down the best athletes to ever wear a particular number.  

Obviously we know who the greatest Broncos ever to wear the #7 is, and color me interested to see how "Big" John stacked up against the greats of all time to sport the number.  Remember, early in the history of baseball players were numbered based on the position they played meaning there were going to be some legendary bearers of the #7.

As it turned out, SI Got It Right when it came to good 'ole number seven, naming John Elway the best athlete to ever dawn that beautiful figure tucked between 6 and 8.  

Other notables to wear the number?   The most famous might be Mickey Mantle(Who could forget the Seinfeld episode, "Who would name their baby Seven??")  Mantle was probably the closest of anyone in stealing the award from Elway.  While no one can dispute how great Mantle was, there will always be a sense of what could have been had he not let alcolhol take control of his life and career.

Of course, soccer phenom David Beckham also sports the number along with hockey legends Phil Esposito and Ted Lindsey.

No, I think SI got it right, well, this part of the list anyway....

Oh, and for those of you wondering about #30?  Nolan Ryan edged out our own Terrell Davis, along with Martin Brodeur and Ken Griffey Jr. for the honor.  Can't expect Davis to be considered the best athlete to wear #30 when the Broncos allow Mike Bell to wear the number....Oh, sorry about that!