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Ask The MHR -- My Answers To Your Questions!

Mini-Camp gets underway today and for Broncos fans that is great news.  It is well documented that the Broncos are the last NFL team to hold there mandatory off-season workout, and with only three weeks until Training Camp the 2007 season is right around the corner.  Shanny likes to keep the intensity up and having Mini-Camp this late goes a long way to creating a spirited atmoshere.

You can be sure we'll be all over Mini-Camp, from afar anyway, and have you covered all the way through Training Camp and the Pre-Season.  With that in mind I introduce a new Feature here at the MHR, where I humbly answer your questions.  It can be anything you want to know, about the Broncos, about the site, about me, anything.  Just forward you questions to and I will respond to you and post them out here.  

Without further ado, here is this week's edition.  Thanks to thedugan01 for the questions and I look forward to hearing from the rest of you!

1. I grew up in Oklahoma and went to several Oklahoma state games when D-will was playing there have you thought about doing something special for him?

MHR -- This is obviously a horrible tragedy that personally still stings to this day.  With Training Camp right around the corner the wounds are undoubtedly going to be exposed again.  I issue I wrestle with is what to do that doesn't exploit or mock what happened.  I will maintain the link to the Children's fund, but also want to celebrate his life by focusing on his love, football.

2. Do you think that now that we have Dre' Bly we can beat Indy?

MHR -- The key to beating the Colts is to get to Peyton Manning.  If he has time he will pick any defense apart.  Though the addition of Bly will be key to improving the overall play of the defense, if we are going to take the next step we MUST get pressure on the opposing quarterback, especially Manning.

3. Who will have more picks this year -- Bly or Bailey?

MHR -- I don't think there is any doubt that Bly is going to have more opportunities than Champ, but Bailey is playing the best football of his career, and quarterbacks are just too proud to avoid going his way entirely.  I think they both will have big years in the turnover department, but Bailey will edge out Bly in INT's.

Thanks again, TheDugan01, for the questions.  Forward me you questions today!!!