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Horse Tracks - 8/1/07

August First.  Now I can really small football in the air.  Only 5 days until the Saints and Steelers officially Kick-Off the Pre-Season in Canton, OH, only 12 days until the Broncos get their pre-season slate underway.  That means there's alot going on and alot to talk about --

  Despite concerns at receiver, Javon Walker is ready to go.

  The Broncos suffered their first significant injury, though it's not serious.

  Sam Adams has a good reason for limping in and out of the huddle.

  Expectations are much higher this season for a certain group of Broncos.

  Andrew Mason provides his insight to Day 3.

  The Raiders made a move to bolster their QB situation.

  Meanwhile, negotiations with #1 Pick JaMarcus Russell have become embarrassing.

  No X-Factor in Kansas City means the Chiefs are looking for a punt returner.

  Mike Martz loves what he has in a certain former-Broncos running back.