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Shanny Forces Brandon Marshall Back On The Field

Brandon Marshall is finally back on the football field, with a little nudging from Mike Shanahan --
From Andrew Mason's BLOG --

Friday morning, Head Coach Mike Shanahan told the injured wide receiver that he would be donning the shoulder pads and going through the full morning's work.

"He said it was just to challenge me, to see if I was mentally strong," Marshall said. "He knew that I was in pain, and that it hurt, but he also knows it's one of those things where you have to get out there, push yourself and be mentally tough.

"I was shocked. I was scared. But I guess that's what it takes. Coach has 30 years of experienrce, and this is my second year, so of course I've just got to sit back and listen and go with the process."

Marshall seemed to emerge none the worse for the wear, and even made a grab at Champ Bailey's expense during the final period of practice, while looking crisp as he ran his first pass routes since the second day of minicamp exactly one month ago.

"I was kind of hestitant at first, but as you can see, I've got a smile on my face," Marshall said after Friday's practice.

It's about DAMN TIME!  At some point Shanny was going to have to tell Marshall to start competing or risk being completely left behind.  Hey, injuries are a part of football, and I am not advocating risking the health of a player, but this is the NFL, and Training Camp gets physical.  If Brandon Marshall is waiting to feel 100%, it isn't going to happen until sometime in February or March, just in time for Off-Season Workouts to begin.

Time for Marshall to strap it on and get busy gettin' busy!