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Horse Tracks - 8/10/07

Two internet browser crashes (one in IE, one in FireFox)as I was about to post this damn thing has my mood a bit bitter, like the stale coffee I am drinking.  Just know the original version of HT this morning was better than the one you were going to end up getting.  For that, I apologize.  It is Friday, that's a good thing.  It's the first full weekend of pre-season, that's a GREAT thing.

13 Broncos' players missed practice yesterday.  To say the situation in Dove Valley isn't reaching panic levels wouldn't be very informed.  Mike Shanahan, once again, had the team practice without pads, and even cut practice short.  Yikes.

Let's take a look around the web --

  We'll start with Andrew Mason's Morning and Afternoon report from Training Camp.

  Broncos couldn't be happier with the play of their rookies.

  Bring out your battered and bruised O-Lineman.

  Mike Bell is moving up the depth chart.

  Brandon Marshall still wants to make an impact in Traing Camp.

  Cutler faces big challenge in Broncos DB's.

  Sam Adams brings size and speed to the D-Line.

  The list of walking wouonded continues to grow.

  Receivers are starting to wear down.

  One Chargers coach is completely over-qualified for his job.

  Chargers take their practice on the road.

  Raiders have finally named a starting QB for Saturday's game.

  JaMarcus has signed a contract, just not with the Raiders.

  Chiefs' QB Battle has no clear-cut winner.

  Chiefs' Left Tackle has surgery, will miss 4-6 weeks.

  This could be the end for Mike Alstott.

  Referees to go Hi-Def.

  Pac-Man Jones disputes his arrest record.