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Horse Tracks -- 8/15/07

No updates on the Gerard Warren front, though it appears that it is only a matter of time, whether Warren is traded or simply released.

If you missed the Andrea Kramer interview with Javon Walker on HBO's Real Sports last night definitely try and see the re-showing, it was excellent.  Walker presents himself very well and you really get a sense for how hard this has been for him.  Maybe now he can find a bit of peace and all I can say is watch out opposing defenses, Javon is on a mission!

Let's take a look around the web....

  Three of Darrent Williams' friends ID'd three men involved in an altercation moments before Williams was killed.

  Williams' mother, Rosalind, continues to grieve with Broncos near.

  Return to area brings back memories for Broncos.

  Heat, humidity welcome Broncos to Texas.

  Aloha means goodbye for Gerard Warren, but is it too soon?

  Patrick Ramsey is looking to shake off the rust.

  It's hard to choose between these three QBs.

  Trent Green returns to K.C. Thursday Night.

  JaMarcus Russell is no closer to joining Raiders camp.

  Check out the new look of