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Horse Tracks - 8/16/06

  In what is sure to be an emotional get together, Rosalind Williams, the mother of Darrent Williams, has decided to meet with the team during their time in Texas preparing for Saturday's contest with the Dallas Cowboys.  The Broncos had an open invitation to Williams which was accepted last night.  Hopefully this meeting can bring some peace and closure to all involved.

  Andrew Mason give us his morning and afternoon session reports.

  Another go-round with how close T.O. was to becoming a Bronco.

  Oh, and Tony Romo, too.

  Both teams needed to triple-digit heat on Wednesday.

  Gerard Warren is still in limbo.

  Dallas is excited to be working out against the Broncos.

  Arrowhead Stadium to undergo massive changes.

  Trent Green returns to K.C. tonight.

  Lane Kiffin returns to Raiders practice.

  JaMarcus Russell is the last holdout remaining.

  Any plea deal for Michael Vick will likely include jail time.

  Hard luck continues in Arizona.

  Pac-Man will try his hand at Hip-Hop.