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Horse Tracks -- 8/2/07

First,  let me thank everyone for joining us on  MHR Radio last night.  It was a great show!  My thanks to Dream for joing us to talk the defensive line.  As we get into the pre-season and eventually the regular season the show promises to get better and better!  You can listen to any of the old episodes using the player at the top of the Home page, or subscribe over at MHR Radio!

Now, on with today's edition of Horse Tracks --

  Andrew Mason breaks down yesterday's camp session.

Everything you ever wanted to know about John Elway's first haircut as a Bronco.

  The Broncos are glad a hometown kid decided to come home.

  Shanny will wait as long as it takes for Rod Smith to return.

  Broncos to add "Jerk-Line" for home games this season.

  Bowlen confident Walker has moved on

  There is a growing concern over the health at Wide Receiver.

  Clinton Portis is experiencing pain in his knee once again.

  Randy Moss wasn't on the field long for the Patriots.

  Vince Young should never take up boxing as a hobby.

  Michael Strahan won't get a new deal.