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Warrick Holdman Injured, Taken To Hospital

Broncos Linebacker Warrick Holdman was carted off the field and taken by ambulence to the hospital after sustaining what appeared to be a head/neck injury during the Broncos morning workout.

According to the Fox Sports report, Holdman appeared to hit the crown of his helmet on another player's helmet and crumpled to the grass midway through the morning workout. He was rolled over onto his back after a minute, but stayed down for eight minutes.

The When asked after practice, Broncos coach Mike Shanahan said the team was hoping the injury was not serious because Holdman had movement in his extremities. He said the team was hoping Holdman was taken off on a cart because of precautions.

Holdman was taken to Sky Ridge Hospital as a precaution.

Shanahan said Holdman did lose feeling in his body for about 30-45 seconds, but the feeling quickly came back, which the coach said was a good sign.

"We're hoping for the best," Shanahan said.

Everyone at the MHR is doing the same.  Hat tip to BroncoDude793 for tipping me off to the story!

UPDATE -- Check out the latest from Andrew Mason's BLOG.

UPDATE #2 -- The Broncos cancelled the afternoon practice session. The latest from the team stated that Holdman suffered a spinal cord concussion during the club’s morning training camp practice on Thursday. Holdman will be kept overnight for observation at Sky Ridge Medical Center in Lone Tree, Colo.