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Horse Tracks - 8/22/07

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I think we have all settled a bit after a weekend that saw the Broncos play flat and uninspired against the Dallas Cowboys.  It is the Pre-Season, however, as we constantly get reminded, and there is no reason to panic.  I'll accept that....for now.

Let's take a gander around the web....

  Panic time??  Not so, according to blogs by former Bronco Mark Cooper, KOA Host Mike Rice, and Broncos V.P of Marketing Jim Saccomano.

  Without Ebenezar Ekuban, Jarvis Moss needs to produce, and fast.

  There is no permanent headstone near the gravesite of Darrent Williams.  Woody Paige wants to change that.

  Rod Smith still believes he will help the Broncos this season.

  Gerard Warren is happy about his new start in Oakland.

  Larry Johnson finally signs a contract in Kansas City.