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Browns @ Broncos - 2nd Quarter Open Thread



Browns Second Possession, cont. --

*The start of the 2nd quarter sees the Browns gash the Brocnos again for a 10 yard run.  Jamaal Lewis is running harder now than at any point the past few seasons.
*The Broncos finally hold on a third down, and who else but John Lynch.  A hold on third down means nothing unless you can hold on fourth as well.
*The Browns once again kick themselves right in the ass with the false start. The Broncos pick up a stop, though with help.
*Hixon gets another chance, this time on a punt return. No chance as the ball carries into the end-zone.
*A stop is a stop, I guess, but at this point we'll take it!

Broncos Second Possession --

*How great was that to see. Brandon Stokley on a crossing route. Love it!!
*The Broncos once again do a great job picking up the blitz, and Brian Clark picks up a small gain.
*Cutler has all kinds of time but throws behind Selvin Young. Touch passes seem to give Cutler some problems, something he'll need to improve on.
*What a snag by Hixon, who had to really raise up to catch the Cutler pass.
*Three straight passes by Cutler goes to show where the young QB will need to improve. He has to learn some touch.

Browns Third Possession --

*The Browns make a change at QB, bringing in Derek Anderson to face the Broncos "top" unit.
*The Broncos continue to miss tackles, this time it's Ian Gold, and Jamall Lewis turns a 3 yard pass into a 14 yard gain.
*Another big gain for Lewis, and I am really starting to worry about this defense.
*Four plays and the Browns have traveled 45 yards. Remember, folks, this is the Cleveland Browns, who scored zero points in three quarters against the Lions last week.
*Only penalties have slowed the Browns down tonight.
*That and John Lynch, the only guy playing with any type of energy on defense.
*The Broncos utilize their first challenge of the game. Shanny needs to use everything at his disposal to stop the suddenly unstoppable Browns.
*It won't be successful and the Browns will have a first and goal
*The Broncos stiffen on third and goal, and after starting out 4/4, the Broncos have stopped the last two third downs....There was much rejoice.
*Bly jumps, but nothing changes as the Browns convert a field goal. BROWNS 10 -- BRONCOS 3

Broncos Third Possession --

*The Broncos need to answer again, and need to do so during the two-minute drill. A touchback means the drive will start from the 20.
*Brandon Marshall has the look of someone special. he is hard to bring down.
*Marshall again, and the Broncos are quickly out to the 50.
*Nice to see Daniel Graham get into the action with a 12 yard catch. Nice crossing toss by Cutler there...
*You can always count on the Browns to do something stupid, and they do with the personal foul.
*Two runs and the Broncos have it first and goal. The most impressive drive of the pre-season for the first team offense. Cutler looks as poised as can be and has done a fantastic job leading the team down the field in a two-minute scenario.
*Great play fake and Kyle Johnson is WIIIIIIIIIDE OPEN! TOUCHDOWN BRONCOS!!! Impressive drive for the Broncos ties the game. BRONCOS 10 -- BROWNS 10

*7 Plays, 80 Yards, 1:18. Solid.

Browns Fourth Possession

*I guess there is another penalty they can call to protect quarterbacks. What BS. No other way to say it. Jack Lambert said it best....put 'em in skirts!
*First it was Dumervil, then Amon Gordon getting to Anderson. I really like the Broncos rush package along the D-Line.
*The first half ends on an incompletion and the teams head to the locker room. AT THE HALF -- BRONCOS 10 -- BROWNS 10