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Browns @ Broncos -- 3rd Quarter Open Thread


Before we get going on the 2nd half, let's take a look at the first half stats --


Broncos Fourth Possession --

*The Broncos are set to receive and Domenik Hixon will look to get one to return. He takes a chance, running it out from 5 yards deep, but he shows why I am so excited about him. The Broncos will start out near the 30.
*Cutler needs to remember to throw the ball out of bounds. No need to take a sack there.
*The third quarter was a problem for the Broncos last year, and the break has seen to hurt what flow the offense had going. Timeout Denver.
*Pears gets nailed for the hold, leaving the Broncos at 3rd and long.
*Nice move by Cutler to get away from the pressue, but the pass falls harmlessly incomplete after being deflected. A quick three and out for the Broncos offense.
*Result -- Punt

Browns Fifth Possession --

*Back to back penalties by the Browns move the ball from the 30 to the 15. Again, the Broncos best friend has been the Browns bone-headed mistakes.
*Solid play by Jummiy Kennedy. The Brocnos defense starting to play with a bit more vigor...
*A nice three and out, and had Braylon Edwards caught the ball John Lynch would have seperate his head from his body. Solid job by the defense.
*Result -- Punt

Broncos Fifth Possession --

*I'll say this, Domenik Hixon shows no fear returning punts. I love this guy.
*Sapp running hard as this game has become more of an evaluation game than one the coaches are trying to win.
*The third tipped pass, another area Cutler needs to work on, getting the ball over the defensive line. The Broncos waste solid field position
*Result -- Punt

Browns Sixth Possession --

*Brady Quinn makes his first appearance, his first with his starting teammates and against first team defenses.
*Quinn was impressive live last weekend. The Browns will give Quinn alot of easy throws so the Broncos need to be ready.
*Quinn is 2-2, and like I said, the guy just looks the part. Why the Broncos are playing off I have no idea.
*Quinn, with the clock expiring, not only gets the play off but hits his tight end with a nice toss. The Browns are driving with Quinn at the helm.
*No call as Elvis Dumervil gets held on the screen.
*What a throw by Quinn, right where it needed to be, but Jurevicious can't drag the foot. They can't convert a field goal, however and the game remains tied.
*Result -- Missed Field Goal

Broncos Sixth Drive --

*Time of Possession is really in the Browns favor, something the offense needs to improve upon on this drive.
*Patrick Ramsey spells the end of the night for Jay Cutler, and his first play is one we'd all like to forget, a sack.
*Another solid run by Selvin Young gains the Broncos 18 yards. I can't say it enough, I like Young.
*Another huge run for Young on third and one. After tonight I won't be the only one impressed by Young.
*Only penalties have put a damper on an overall solid night for the O-Line.
*Another false start and the Broncos face a third and long.
*A great catch and run by Hixon gets called back by a stupid Pass Interference by Tony Scheffler. This has officially become a pre-season game.
*The game first turnover comes off a Patrick Ramsey fumble. I hate the pre-season.
*Result -- Turnover(fumble)

Browns Seventh Possession --

*Brady Quinn leads the Browns back on the field with solid field position trying to break a 10-10 tie.
*The game has become a penalty fest, with flags being thrown on the 4 of the last 5 plays. All have gone against the Broncos, unfortunately.
*The Browns do indeed break the tie with Brady Quinn's third TD reception of the pre-season, in oly four total possessions. Another missed tackle by the Broncos defense.

Broncos Seventh Possession --

*One bright spot all night has been Selvin Young. Another 8 yard run to start the drive.
*The third quarter ends on a run by Young for a first down...