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Browns @ Broncos -- Fourth Quarter Open Thread


Broncos Seventh Possession, cont. -

*The final stanza starts with a first and ten from the Broncos 31.  A nice, long drive to tie the game would be sweet indeed.
*A good throw broken up by better coverage.
*Three plays and done after the first down will give the Browns the ball back.
*Result -- Punt

Browns Eighth Possession --

*The only thing stopping Quinn right now is the gator arms of his own receivers.
*Marcus Thomas makes stop. Nice to see Thomas getting some action.
*Quinn and Travis Wilson get their signals crossed and the Browns quickly have to punt.
*Result -- Punt

Broncos Eighth Possession --

*Poor field position, to say the least, welcomes Patrick Ramsey back to the field.
*Dangerous pass finds Hixon to give the offense some room.
*I know the Broncos would love to win, but getting out of this without an injury would be a real victory.
*Nice run by Young gets the Broncos a first down.
*Cedric Cobbs will get some action in the backfield. If he is going to make an impression the time is now.
*Nate Jackson brings the Broncos faithful to their feet with a great run after the catch. The Broncos have moved inside Browns territory.
*A near great catch by Hixon, and one he needs to make.
*A third down throw is no where near Tony Scheffler. At least the Broncos were able to flip field positon.
*Result -- Punt

Browns Ninth Possession --

*Todd Sauerbrun has done a horrible job punting near the goal-line. A net 18 yard punt gives the Browns the ball at the 20.
*Browns looking to eat some clock run twice for 6 yards bringing up a third and 4. After a poor start the Broncos have actually done a decent job getting off the field.
*A near miss, but the Browns have to punt. After starting 4/4 on third down, the Broncos have held the Browns to 1/8.
*Result -- Punt

Broncos Ninth Possession --

*Most disturbing this half has been the fact the Broncos have been shut out by the Browns defensive backups.
*Broncos needed five yards, and the Broncos got just that. It will require a measurement...First Down Broncos.
*Nice catch for Nate Jackson, who comes up hobbling. The story of Jackson's career, no doubt.
*A big play for Scheffler who made the catch despite being held on the play. Scheff is starting to regain his form and confidence which is great to see.
*The Broncos have penetrated the Red Zone for the first time in the 2nd half, but quickly find themselves in a third and long.
*A run on third down means the Broncos will go for it on fourth, needing 7 to tie.
*Great throw and catch. Brian Clark does a nice job getting the first down giving the Broncos four shots at the end zone.
*The Broncos need only one play, with Young running 9 yards for the TouchDown!
*The Broncos, looking to avoid OT in the Pre-Season, will go for two.
*Don't know exactly what that was. The Broncos had two chances to get a penalty, first with the Browns having too many on the field, then with a Browns player off-sides.
*After hte timeout the Broncos try to run it in but Young is stopped short. Three minutes to go and the Broncos trail by one.
*Result - TD, failed two-point conversion

Browns Tenth Possession --

*The Browns are looking for an on-side kick, but the Broncos kick it deep. The Browns will look to finish off the clock.
*The Broncos, who know the Browns are going to run, and need to force a punt, have allowed the Browns to gain 6 yards. It will be Third and Four after the Two-Minute Warning.
*The Broncos do the job and will at least get the ball back with a chance to win the game. They won't have much time.
*Result -- Punt

Broncos Tenth Possession --

*The Broncos should have about a minute to get into field goal range.
*Hixon is exciting to say the least. Great field position and the Broncos have plenty of time.
*The Broncos need something better than that.
*No idea what Patrick Ramsey was thinking there. Horrible clock management ends the game.