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Horse Tracks -- 8/27/07

The first round of cuts are right around the corner...That means alot of guys are going to be out of work and there's alot of news swirling around the Broncos.  Let's tkae a look around the web....

  Demetrin Veal, David Terrell and Kenard Lang could be among those cut on Tuesday.

  The Defense is a legitimate concern after three pre-season games.

  Woody Paige has nothing nice to say about the Broncos performance Saturday Night.

  Many are confused at how vanilla the Broncos have looked.

  Broncos still alot of work to do.

  Chiefs name Huard their starting QB after missing their last pre-season game.  That's just how bad Brodie Croyle has been.

  Larry Johnson wants some work in the Chiefs last pre-season game.

  Life after Dante Hall has proven tough so far.

  It looks like Daunte Culpepper will be the starter in Oakland.