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Rod Smith Moved To P-U-P List

Andrew Mason reported in his special way that WR Rod Smith was officially moved the the Physically Unable to Perform list.  Now, I could explain to you what that means, but why re-invent the wheel that Mase so nicely created for us --

Placement on the PUP list buys him and the Broncos 12 weeks before making a determination whether to move him to the 53-man roster or place him on injured reserve.

A player must remain sidelined as PUP for the first six weeks of the regular season. Smith then is eligible to practice for three weeks before a final decision is made -- but the Broncos do not have to make that choice until three weeks after the initial six-week PUP stint concludes.

This means the Broncos actually have until Week 12 to determine whether Smith could play before being faced with the choice of moving him to the 53-man roster or injured reserve.

The latter option, of course, would end his season.

Last year, Domenik Hixon was designated as PUP after a protracted recovery from a fractured metatarsal bone; he would end up practicing for three weeks -- as is permitted when placed on the PUP list -- before moving to injured reserve.

In other words, the Broncos have plenty of time to determine Smith's fate in 2007.  Couldn't have explained it any better.