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BREAKING NEWS -- Jarvis Moss Injures Knee

This injury stuff is really starting to get to me.  After the near misses to both Warrick Holdman and Louis Green, the Broncos may not have gotten so lucky with DE Jarvis Moss, the team's First Round draft pick.  Moss was injured during the team's morning workout, an apparent knee injury, and was removed from the field on a cart.

The No. 17 overall pick was taken off the field on a cart after injuring his left knee. The pass-rushing defensive end was injured in an individual pass-rushing drill. He attempted a spin move, planted his leg, then fell to the ground. He got to his feet, but was assisted to the cart.

We will wait for official word on Moss' condition, but getting the ride off the field is never a good thing.  Updates to come as they become available.

UPDATE #1 -- From Andrew Mason's blog --

Moss was treated on the field for several minutes by Broncos medical personnel and was eventually helped to the sidelines, although it appeared he was able to put some weight on the knee. After arriving at the sidelines, a cart was summoned, which transported him back to the headquarters building for further examination.

The extent of the injury was unclear at the end of practice.

"(The medical staff) really does not know," Shanahan said. "They think it’s a twist(ed) knee. It’s not loose right now, which is a good sign. But until you look at that MRI, you’re not really sure."

Moss appeared to be in obvious pain immediately after suffering the injury. He began to hop on one leg and then crashed to the grass in the north end zone of the west practice field. Moss occasionally held his hand against his forehead in agony as he was being treated.

It appears that Shanny is a bit encouraged. Let's hope it's not serious and Moss can get back to the field soon.