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Broncos Quotables - August 6 - AM Workout

Here are the quotables from this morning's workouts, including the latest on Jarvis Moss....

  Head Coach Mike Shanahan --

On DE Jarvis Moss' injury --
"I really don't know what happened. I guess he was down there and twisted his knee or hit his knee, and we'll have an MRI and see if he's ok. They really don't know. They think it's a twist. It's not loose right now, which is a good sign, but until you look at the MRI you're not really sure."

On how tough it's been for Moss as a rookie --
"I think it's always tough for a guy coming in, going against players in the National Football League for any length of time it's quite a difference, but Jarvis has done a good job. He's met the challenge and he gets better everyday, and there's a big learning curve, and I think Jarvis will be able to handle it. He's just got to get stronger and in better shape just like most rookies do. He's been doing the job here for the past couple months, and hopefully it's not a setback with an injury but we'll have to wait and see."

On the depth chart battle at the RB position --
"Well, we've got five guys. We're five deep and I think we've got five players that can play in the National Football League, which is a good sign. I can't tell you much more about that other than Travis Henry has looked very good throughout our practices. He's the number one tailback and everyone else is fighting for that number two and three spot."

On QB Jay Cutler working against the secondary --
"It's always good to go against our corners because on game day you know you're not going to face any better. It's good for our wide receivers. It's good for our offense. It's good for our quarterback knowing that on game day it's not going to get any tougher than it is right now."

On the preseason game next Monday --
"Well to be honest with you, we don't even pay much attention to the first preseason game, and I hate to say that but it's the truth. What we do right now is we review different things we haven't done with our installation package, different personnel groups, different blitzes, different areas that we haven't attacked, and then on Friday and Saturday, mainly Saturday we'll get our game plan against San Francisco. We'll try to run our base offense and our base defense. We don't get too complicated. We want to see our players perform. This is not a game plan type of game; it's a game where you're trying to evaluate your players, young and old and get your starters a few plays and obviously evaluate your second and third-team players."

On LB Louis Green on the strong side --
"It could change any day. Lou has had an excellent camp thus far, that's why we put him as the number one SAM linebacker, but in a day or two he could be two or three. We've got a number of players at the linebacker position that we think are capable of starting, so it's a good battle."

On LB Louis Green's knee injury --
"It's just sore. He's got a bruise. That's exactly what we thought yesterday. We didn't think there was any structural damage. We did an MRI on it just to make sure and that was positive, but it is sore. He took a pretty good hit. I hope he'll be able to go tomorrow."

On G Chris Kuper's performance today --  
"He gave up three sacks, that's why he was changed. On the third sack we made a change there. We've got competition in a lot of positions, so when a guy gives up three sacks in one day sometimes you make a move to see how the other guys respond."

  Quarterback Jay Cutler --

On settling into the offense --
"I think everyone has a really good feel for everything. I feel like it is becoming second nature in the way I'm reacting out there; it's going really well."

On getting the injured receivers back on the field --
"Yeah, Tony (Scheffler) and Brandon (Marshall) are getting really close. (Brandon) Stokley is day-by-day, just fitting in where he can. Once we get Brandon, Tony and those guys back it is going to be good. Right now I think our rhythm is really good with some of these guys. The wide receivers have been really thin, so I've been proud of them for sticking it out and doing what they have done so far. It's just going to add some depth and more power to our offense."

On throwing against his own secondary --
"It's a challenge. It's my second year going against Champ, so I'm getting kind of a feel for him, and Dre makes it a little tougher over on the other side. As a scheme you could usually try to stick to the left side a little bit, but Dre is making it tougher. It's only making our guys better, going against them day in and day out, and just seeing what they do technique wise is helping me."

On TE Daniel Graham --
"He's impressive. We got what we wanted out of him, a great blocker, better than average receiver. I think people kind of downplayed that part of his game, but he has really stepped that part of it up. He's a leader and has been on some championship teams, so he is adding a lot of depth to our team right now."

On getting the hang of the offensive system --
"We've had a lot of OTA's so far coming up to this training camp, so to have a year of just watching and playing a little bit and going through this offseason, it has helped a lot. To be able to go against a different team and them not knowing what we're doing out there will let us to see where we're at as a team and as an offense; it's going to be fun."

On going through one more week of training camp --
"That first week we have to grind it out. It feels like each day is three days, but I think this week will go by a little bit faster. Once we get to Friday and Saturday, doing a little bit of game planning, it will be Monday before we know it."

On Daniel Graham being a bigger part of the passing game here than at New England --
"Yeah, I think we will use him a little bit more. We got a lot of guys who can do a little of the same thing. He can block and catch, so he will definitely be used as a passing tight end."

On the addition of Travis Henry --
"I'm probably more excited about him than anybody else. The way he is hitting holes and reading blocks, getting out and catching the ball, I'm pretty excited about what he can do out there."