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Horse Tracks -- 8/7/07

If you have that lucky rabbit's foot, keep rubbing it.  The Broncos once again avoided disaster with word that Jarvis Moss should be fine and could even practice today.  It is another in a long list of close-calls so far this training camp that has even had Mike Shanahan a bit nervous.  Two workouts already this camp have been cancelled, in part because of the growing list of guys that are dinged up.

  A collective sigh of relief -- there, I feel better -- let's take a look around the web.

  Andrew Mason gives us his Morning and Afternoon reports.

  Here's some more on Moss, including his reaction.

  Louis Green was elevated to starter at strongside linebacker.

  Steve Cargile has a good chance to stick.

  The Chiefs finally get their Top Pick in camp....

  Then received some bad news with the injury to LT Damion McIntosh.

  Chargers wide-outs have injury problems of their own.

  Andrew Walter appears to be the odd man out at Raiders camp.

  It's looking more and more like Anthony McFarland will miss the season.

  The injru bug has also struck the Dolphins.