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Horse Tracks in the A.M.- 8/8/07

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Today is a big day for Horse Tracks.  Like training Camp, Horse Tracks is going to 2-a-days, with a huge serving in the morning and another in the afternoon.  There is just so much going on that one helping just isn't enough...

Let's get right to it...

  Andrew Mason gives us his morning and afternoon reports.

  No one has been immune to injury so far in Training Camp.

  It was good to see important weapon back on the practice field.

  Some players need to do whatever they can in limited work to impress the coaches.

  Daniel Graham wants prove he can catch as well.

  Matt Lepsis is coming around, slowly.

  The Raiders still have not named a starting QB.

  The Chiefs were featured on HBO's Hard Knocks.

  Priest Holmes is determined to get back on the football field.

  A former Charger sentenced in drug case.

The golden boy finally signs in Cleveland