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Horse Tracks - 8/9/07

Good Morning Bronco Country!!!  Another day, another edition of Horse Tracks.  While HT is usually filled with links, I needed to get this out there ASAP tis morning.  As most of you know I have been hyping Domenik Hixon since the Broncos drafted him in the 4th Round in 2006.  I watched the kid play at Akron, and being a former Zip myslef I am always glad to see one of the fellas do well.  

It looks like I am not the only one that has realized D-Hix has some talent.  If you aren't going to believe me, how about All-World DB Champ Bailey --

Champ Bailey, owner of 19 interceptions over the last two seasons, is hard to impress. But the Denver defensive star is dazzled by second-year receiver Domenik Hixon, who missed his entire rookie season with a broken foot.

"I'll tell you what, man, he's a guy that we could have used last year," Bailey said. "He's got great ability, great talent. You wonder how it's going to translate to games, but he looks good. He looks as good as most of our receivers. He has the ability to start. I just hope he fights for it."

Hixon, a fourth-round draft pick from Akron, is going to get plenty of opportunities to impress the coaching staff when the exhibition games start because the Broncos' receiving corps is spending more time rehabbing than running routes.

Rod Smith (hip) and Brandon Marshall (thigh), who was slated to start alongside Javon Walker, have yet to step on the field during training camp, and Brandon Stokley (thigh), Marquay McDaniel (hamstring) and Glenn Martinez (thigh) have all come up limping of late.

Hixon has been impressive.

"The funny thing is he's 6-foot-2 but he can run like crazy and then he can stop on a dime," Bailey said. "I mean, you don't see a lot of receivers who can do that with blazing speed like he has."

Special teams coach Scott O'Brien also is salivating over Hixon and can't wait to see him returning punts against the San Francisco 49ers on Monday night.

I'm serious, folks, Hixon is the real deal, and if he can stay healthy he is going to make plays for this team.  You'll see.

Back to our regularly scheduled edition of Horse Tracks....

  We start off with our man Andrew Mason and his Morning and Afternoon reports.

  Guys like Nick Ferguson keep the fans involved during Training Camp.

  Javon Walker plans on more vocal with his teammates this season.

  Don't pay too much attention to the depth chart.

  Two Broncos will be absent from today's workouts.

  Broncos aren't really going after Jake Plummer's money.

  Travis Henry is ready for a heavy workload.

  Dre' Bly has no problem with high expectations.

  The Saints may want to rethink trips to amusement parks in the future.

  Priest Holmes is stirring the pot at Chiefs Camp.

  Vic Carrucci give the Broncos a chance at a Super Bowl, though it is fleeting.

John Clayton was also around Camp yesterday, and I will have a full report on what he saw, or at least what he thinks he saw, and his take on the Broncos.