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Everett Likely Paralyzed After 'Catastrophic' Neck Injury

All along the Bills, the Broncos, and the rest of us have been waiting on word from teh doctorss regarding the severity of Bills TE Kevin Everett.  The word is in, and it doesn't look good.  From the report --

The Buffalo Bills' Kevin Everett sustained a "catastrophic" and life-threatening spinal-cord injury and his chances of regaining a full range of body motion are very small, an orthopedic surgeon said Monday.

"A best-case scenario is full recovery, but not likely," Dr. Andrew Cappuccino said, one day after performing a four-hour operation on the player. "I believe there will be some permanent neurological paralysis. ... A full neurological recovery was bleak, dismal."

Cappuccino noted the 25-year-old reserve tight end did have touch sensation throughout his body and also showed signs of movement. But he cautioned that Everett's injury remained life-threatening, saying the player is still susceptible to blood clots, infection and breathing failure.

Everett is currently under forced sedation and breathing through a respirator as doctors wait for the swelling to lessen. Cappuccino said it will take up to three days to determine the severity of the injury and the recovery process.

During the operation, Cappuccino repaired a break between the third and fourth vertebrae and also alleviated the pressure on the spinal cord. The process included a bone graft and the insertion of a plate and four screws.

Cappuccino said Everett was alert and is aware of the extent of his injuries.

"I was honest with him, and he told me, 'Do everything you can to help me,' " said Cappuccino, who works for the Bills as a consultant, specializing in spinal surgery.

Cappuccino received permission to operate from Everett's mother, Patricia Dugas, who spoke by phone from her home in Houston. Everett was born in Port Arthur, Texas.

Everett sustained what the team called a cervical spine injury Sunday when he ducked his head while driving in to tackle Denver's Domenik Hixon during the second half-opening kickoff. Everett dropped face first to the ground after his helmet hit Hixon high on the left shoulder and side of the helmet.

Punter Brian Moorman was one of many Bills players shaken by Everett's injury.

"It's a tough situation to watch because he's somebody's son, brother and friend," Moorman said Monday. "It's all you could think about during the game, after it happened, after the game and this morning. And we just want him to get better, we want him to heal."

Quarterback J.P. Losman said it was difficult to concentrate during practice.

"It seems like every couple of seconds that go by it's always popping into your head," Losman said. "Going through a walk-through, we're looking for him, wanting to hear his voice."

The Bills have Tuesday off before returning to practice to prepare to play at Pittsburgh on Sunday.

An extremely tough situation that has gotten that much tougher, for Everett, his family and friends, as well as the Bills and Broncos who have to get back to the unenviable task of preparing for a football game.

While Everett is not a member of the Broncos, our recent history with tragedy on and off the field makes us all too familiar with how Bills' fans are feeling.  It sounds like Everett might need a miracle, let's send as much positive energy his way to help create one....