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Today's Useless Fan Survery -- NFL City With The Most Female Football Fans...

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I think this is going to become a semi-regular feature here at the MHR.  Every week it seems there is another ridiculous survey, ranking NFL teams or cities based on some ludicrous research.  This week is no different, with the results of a survery being released that ranked which NFL city had the most female football fans.  The results???

According to a Scarborough Sports Marketing survey of 220,354 residents in 75 United States markets conducted last year, Pittsburgh has, by far, the largest base of NFL fans who are women.

Pittsburgh is the runaway leader, with 34 percent of the women living in the Steelers' market identifying themselves as fans. Green Bay was second with 29.4 percent, but no other market surveyed had even one-quarter of its women identify themselves as fans.

Buffalo was third with 23.7 percent, followed by Cincinnati (22.8 percent), Kansas City (22.4 percent), Jacksonville (21.7 percent), Baltimore and Boston (21.5 percent) and Denver, Tampa-St. Petersburg and Washington, D.C. (20.9 percent).

Nationally, the average was 16 percent, which means that Pittsburgh has more than twice the number of female pro football fans than the average market, based on the survey's results.

I guess we can take solace that Denver slid into the Top 10 in a tie for 9th....

I welcome any lists or polls you may find to add to this exciting, new, semi-regular feature here on the MHR!!!  Anything to pass the time until Sunday, right!!!