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Ronald Bailey??? What's Up With That??

Ok, so I head over to Burger King to grab a quick lunch.  No big deal, right?  I notcie an advertisement for BK's latest Kids Meal toy, a tiny replica NFL Jersey you can hang form your car window.  Slick.  As I am about to order, there is a big advertisement on the counter with all the available jerseys and the name of the players.  Of course, I go right for the Broncos jeresey to see who was available and there, right before my stunned eyes is a #24 jersey with the name "Ronald Bailey" underneath...RONALD BAILEY???

Ok, so Rolad is Champ's real given name, but did he ever really go by Roland, or Ronald for that matter???  EVER??  How does Burger King use Ronald Bailey??

I am seriously thinking of a boycott...Anyone that can explain this to me feel free, and let me know if this is the same in all BK's across the country.....