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Raiders @ Broncos -- 3rd Quarter Open Thread

The Broncos are winning all the major battles as we prepare for the second half.  The Raiders were down bogger last week and came back to actually take the lead so we need to keep the pressure on...

Broncos Sixth Drive --
--The Broncos start from the 20 after another Janikowski touchback.
--Cutler looks solid again on the playaction, and is really starting to get everyone involved.
--I have talked at length about Cutler's issues with accuracy, but when Brandon Marshall can leap and reach back to make a catch I guess you don't have to be that accurate.
--Third and long coming up, but even without a conversion the Broncos should be able to add points.
--Elam can't hit the 45-yard field goal, but the drive eats up nearly half the 3rd quarter, either way it's considered a win.

Raiders Sixth Drive --

--The Raiders, for reason only known to them, continue to try and run the ball, with little success..
--Not bad that time, gaining close to enough for the first down.
--I know Shanny is very successful when he challenges, but sometimes he can be a bit rediculus.
--Then again, maybe not. Shanny wins the challenge and forces the Raiders to go for it on 4th down.
--What's better, having the first down, or the emotional boost that comes with converting a 4th down?
--Champ Bailey gets schooled on the play-fake but still gets a huge hit on McCown
--Dre Bly gets roasted on the double-move by Jerry Porter and it leads to the Raiders TD. Just like that the Raiders are back in the game. BRONCOS 17 - Raiders 10 (7 plays, 65 yards, 3:08)

We have heard this about Bly, he's super-aggressive, to a fault at times and it rears its head there.

The missed field goal comes back to bit the Broncos. Now the offense needs to come up with an answer.

The young coach then pulls the wool over the Mastermind's eyes, utilizing the on-side kick to immediately regain possession. Give Kiffen credit, he has nothing to lose. Broncos Defense needs to step up. Special Teams letdown.

Raiders Seventh Drive --

--Ian Gold makes a tackle. Nice to see.
--Big third down upcoming. Broncos need to make a stop. They once again get some pressure on McCown, but he make a play, getting the ball to their rookie Tight End. First down.
--A penalty will slow the Raiders, now the D needs to do the same...
--Another penalty, this time a Delay of Game, moves the ball back another 5 yards.
--Third and fifteen, time to change momentum...ELVIS HAS ENTERED THE BUILDING!! Dumervil with the sack ends the Raiders drive.

Broncos Seventh Drive -- --Hixon makes the fair catch at the seven, and the offense comes back after what seems like forever.
--Jay needs to be careful here, backed up, the momentum has shifted a bit. The Broncos need a nice, long drive.
--A holding penalty brings back a huge play and the Broncos can't seem to get out of their own way right now...