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Raiders @ Broncos -- 4th Quarter and Overtime Open Thread


Date: Sunday, September 16, 2007

Score: Broncos 17 - 10

Broncos Seventh Drive cont... --

--A third and long upcoming from deep in our territory..Big play....and Cutler gets sacked for a safety by old friend Gerard Warren.  Hope that was worth the late-round draft pick the Broncos will get.
SAFETY -- BRONCOS 17 - Raiders 12

Raiders Eighth Drive --

--This game has taken a dramatic turn, and the Raiders will get the ball, a touchdown needed to give them the lead.
--The Broncos challenge, but I didn't really see anything to dispute the call on the field. Should the Broncos lose the challenge they will be out of challeges and down a timeout.
--Both will happen, a free-kick to come for Todd Sauerbrun.
--This all started after a missed field goal, and add me to the list of fans officially worried about Jason Elam
--Time for the defense to make some plays again. Don't let the Raiders get into a situation where they can back the Broncos deep again
--Broncos dropping seven...only problem it gives the quarterback alot of room to run.
--Now it is Jordan with the big run, and the Raiders are simply wearing down the Broncos defense.
--The Broncos best defense in the 2nd half has been Raider penalties.
--Here we go again, 3rd and 15 coming up for the Raiders...
--Jarvis Moss gets the big sack, forcing another Raider punt. Hixon makes the fair catch, inside the 10-yard line again.

Broncos Eighth Drive --

--Three solid plays to get the Broncos away from their goal-line. Cutler, like all the great ones, seems to be at his best when it matter most.
--Travis Henry, limps off the field, and Selvin Young could play a major role at the end
--Once again, what looked like a nice drive begins to bog down at mid-field. A big third down
--The Raiders defense saves them again, tipping the pass and running it back for the touchdown. The Raider D-Line is simply pushing the Broncos O-Line around and we are in a bit of trouble.
--Raiders go for two, get it, but there are multiple flags. It's against Denver and the Raiders lead by 3...RAIDERS 20 - BRONCOS 17

Broncos Ninth Drive --

The third pick-6 Cutler has thron in 4 home games finds the Broncos behind, and let's face it, Cutler's play, at home at least, has become a bit troubling...Time to see what the kid is made of.

--Here we go, time for Shanny to find a way to make it happen...
--A ten yard run is a solid start.
--Dangerous pass and a nice play have the Broncos in a 3rd and long.
--Brandon Stokley is a lifesavor and gets the Broncos a huge first down
--The clock continues to move, and the Broncos are getting closer to field goal range.
--Before we think about that the Broncos will need to convert another 3rd down, this time for 4 yards
--Henry is going to be short, and the Broncos will have a decision to make
--About 4 inches short of a first down, and Shanny keeps the offense on the field. Gotta be able to get 4 inches.
--Great second effort by Cecil Sapp gets the Broncos 4 more downs.
--End around to Walker gets nothing, actually losing 2 yards, forcing the Broncos to come up big again.
--What a throw and catch there, as Cutler thorws an arrow to Walker. Damn this kid is solid when it matters most.
--Huge run for Travis Henry has the ball inside the 20, assisted by a holding penalty to Gerard Warren. Eat that, Big Money!
--Broncos go for the TD on first down, and a solid play by Asomugha on Walker....2nd and goal
--Bell gets three, bringing up 3rd and goal from the 7
--Walker makes the catch, but ends up short of the goal-line. 4th and goal from the 2, and you can tell Shanny wants to go for it, but makes the right decision going for the tie
--Elam buries it and the game is tied at 20. BRONCOS 20 - Raiders 20

Raiders Ninth Drive

--Need a touchback here, and Sauerbrun can't do it, allowing a return to the 27.
--Defense has done well against the pass all day, need to do it again
--A running play takes us to the....
--Nothing can ever be easy in this rivalry, why should today be any different?
--Another penalty on the Raiders O-Line. Our best friend all day
--The Raiders seem content to get the game to OT, or simply want to be ultra-careful
--Three runs net the Raiders a first down, and the drive continues.
--Another penalty on the Raiders O-Line backs them up again
--The Raiders keep running the ball and keep picking up huge chunck of yardage. You know the Raiders are going to take a shot deep at some point.
--The Raiders had Porter wide open, but missed him.
--Dre Bly giveth, then he taketh away, with an awesome INT that should ensure Overtime. My heart can't take this!!!END OF REGULATION -- BRONCOS 20 - Raiders 20


Broncos Tenth Drive --

The Broncos tenth drive will open Overtime, and after Jay Cutler administered a flawless drive to tie the game he will look to lead the team to victory. Cutler is quickly earning the nickname "Comeback Kid"!!
--Another touchback and Cutler will start from the 20. CBS shows the replay from last week, and Elam might get another chance today.
--At the very least the Broncos need a few first downs to change field position
--A slow developing swing pass to Walker leads to a third and two for Denver.
--The Broncos try and get the ball to Young but it falls incomplete. The Broncos are forced to punt

Raiders Tenth Drive

--Now it is Oakland's turn, from their own 27
--Lamont Jordan, in one play, has the Raiders close to field goal range.
--Even if the Raiders don't get another first down Janikowski is likely to try a field goal form here.
--Here we go....
--The kick is good, but the Broncos get a time out just in time....Even so, Janikowski looked solid as hell
--HE MISSES IT!!! HE MISSES IT!!! Wide Left and the Broncos get the ball back in great field position

Broncos Eleventh Possession --

--Unlike the Raiders, the Broncos can't get anything on the ground...
--Mike Bell gets close, but it brings up a third and 2
--That's the Travis Henry we have been waiting for and the Broncos are getting close to a field goal try of their own
--Henry down to the 30, bringing up a second and 3
--No gain on second down brings up 3rd and 3
--Close to a first down is Mike Bell, and there will be a measurement
--FIRST DOWN and the drive will continue!!
--Nothing for Henry on first down. Damn we could at least another first down...Right now looking at a 44 yard field goal
--A pass to Marshall gets the Broncos to the FOUR YARD LINE. FIRST AND GOAL DENVER!!!
--Elam will come out immediately for the win....IT'S GOOD!!!IT'S GOOD!!!

DENVER WINS 23-20!!!!