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Hey Raiders Fans -- Just Win Bay....REMEMBER!?!?!

There was alot to like about yesterday's win over the Raiders, and there is alot of work to do as we move ahead.  I usually wait to hear from some of you on your thoughts about the game before really beginning to break it down but I just couldn't help myself.  I am sick and tired of listening to everyone, from Mike Greenberg on Mike and Mike in the Morning, to Raiders fans and complete idiots all over the internet talking about how "lucky" the Broncos are, and how "devious" Mike Shanahan is.  A bit of advice for all of you -- shut the hell up!

JUST WIN BABY!!!  Remember??  That, of course, is the motto of the charcoal and gray and their satin jumpsuit-wearing, slicked back hair-havin', walker-usin' corpse of an owner.  What does that mean Raiders fans?  I know what it means.  Use anything within the rules to win the game, no matter how it looks or how pretty it is.  Penalties?  Ok. Turnovers?  Ok.  Throw a pick-6?  OK.  As long as you JUST WIN BABY!.

I guess it hurts when the same three word phrase is not only used against you verbally, but in such a way that rips a victory right out of your grasp and turns it into a beautiful defeat.  Were Raider fans thinking after Sea-Fat missed his second attempt from 52 yards that the Raiders had JUST LOST BABY?

I am usually not on to rub it in, even to our fiercest rival, but when I listen to all the BS coming out of the Bay area and beyond I just can't help my self.  Instead of focusing on all 53 yards of offense the Raiders generated through the air, instead of focusing on Sea-Fat actually missing the second attempt instead of doing what good kickers do, which is line up and make the damn thing, they choose to focus on the best coach they've had in the last 25 years and call him names, and say the Broncos were lucky.  JUST WIN BABY

The Broncos should have won the game handily, but chose instead to shoot themselves in the foot the entire third quarter.  A great time consuming, typical Shanahan drive to start the third quarter unravels with a penalty that negates a touchdown, then a missed field goal.  While I am still a firm believer in Jason Elam, he seriously needs to start burying field goals that have become his trademark.  20-3 in that situation basically puts the game on ice.  The miss gives the Raiders great field position which allows them the ability to try and get deep, which they do on the TD pass to Jerry Porter.

We have to start turning these field goal tries into touchdowns, like the drive right before the half.  Get 7 points in that situation and the halftime score is 21-3, three scores, and the Broncos get the ball to start the half.  A completely different mindset.  We allowed the Raiders to stay in the game and it nearly cost us.

But it didn't cost us.  Once again Jay Cutler, when he absolutely had to have it, did.  He made enough plays to go down the field and get the game tied, though the Broncos once again had a First and Goal and were only able to get 3.  Seven points there and we never seen a Sea-Fat field goal try.

That leads us all to the play.  I know most Raiders fans only have a 13" television in their parents basement to watch the game, but on my 61" HD TV I could clearly see the Side Judge come running in from the sideline signaling for the Timeout WELL BEFORE THE SNAP.  The referee is not responsible for getting Time Out calls, even on the field.  The defense would talk to the umpire, and both coaches can talk to their respective officials on their sidelines.  Shanahan called the TO with plenty of time to spare, and was fully within his right to do so.

That leads me to something else, for those of you who want to change the rule and not allow coaches to call timeouts.  What if the exact opposite happened?  What if Shanny had called time, a Sea-Fat missed the kick.  You wouldn't have minded that timeout at all.  Two-faced hypocrits!  You want to be disgusted that you lost your 15th straight divisional game, that's fine, but I thought you were better and more knowledgeable about the game of football to call the Broncos "cheaters" or say that the refs had it in for the Raiders.  That is the attitude that has gotten the Raiders into the predicament they are in -- 2-14, laughing stock.

Show some accountability, point fingers where they deserve to be pointed, and get a new friggin kicker.  Three misses last week, another this week and the Raiders are in a familiar position -- 0-2, tied for last place.

JUST WIN BABY....that's exactly what the Denver Broncos did.