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Let's Talk Jags! Tonight on MHR Radio!!

The Broncos were up to their old tricks again, causing heart-rellated scares throughout Bronco Country!  All that matters, though, is out record, which stands at a solid 2-0.  Join us to talk about it all tonight on MHR Radio -- The Official Podcast of!! Here's what we have in store for you to chew on TONIGHT --

--A look back at ANOTHER win over the Raiders

--What's wrong with the offense??  Is there really anything wrong?

--Chris from Big Cat Country will join us to talk about Jacksonville and what we can expect from the Jags.

--We'll have some fun with numbers and look at some season projections after 2 weeks.

--We'll take a look around the AFC West to see how the rest of the division did in Week 2.

--San Diego is finding out what life with Norv Turner is all about

--Your Calls!

All that and MORE!!  Tonight on MHR Radio!!!!