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The Guru Predicts -- Week 3 Winners and Losers

Week 2 is one I would honestly like to forget.  Sure, I did OK picking winners, but the spread beat me up a little bit with teams still jockeying for position early in the season.  I mean, really, why do Browns keep trying?  Oh well, no time to dwell on past failures with a new week chock-full of successes right in front of us.  Time to make up for my losses and get paid, baby!

It's Reality Weekend in the NFL, with three 2-0 teams facing big-time reality-checks -- Houston, Detroit and San Francisco.  Are these surprise undefeated's Contenders.....or Pretenders?

Remember, of course, this is for recreational purposes ONLY!

LAST WEEK - Straight 10-6

                    Spread  6-10

OVERALL - Straight 22-10(.687)

                Spread   12-20(.375)

Arizona(+7.5) @ Baltimore
- This one is pretty easy to me.  I mean, ask yourself...Are the Baltimore Ravens 9 points better than anybody?  They had the Jets, who were starting their backup quarterback, down and out before allowing the Jets right back into the game.  If Justin McCareins doesn't forget how to catch the ball that game is tied and who knows where the Ravens would be today.  I think Baltimore will get the win, but no way they cover the number.  Take the points

  Ravens 20 - 17 -- 7 Stars(out of 10)

San Diego (-4.5) @ Green Bay
- We saw a typical big-game coaching job by Norv Turner in new England last week, bringing his highly talented team into Foxboro and getting embarrassed by the Patriots.  Say what you want about Marty Schottenheimer, but those types of embarrassing performances didn't happen, and his teams were always ready to play.  While Turner will lose his share of games, the Chargers are just too talented to fall off the table.  The Packers have looked OK getting off to their 2-0 start, but the Brett Favre love-fest will be put on hold for a week.  Even on the road the Chargers teach the Pack a lesson, give the points.

  Chargers 27 - 17 (6 Stars)

Indianapolis (-4.5) @ Houston
- Gary Kubiak is doing an incredibe job with the Texans and might be on his way to a Coach of the Year Award.  For the Texans to compete in this game, arguably the biggest game in the teams short history, they needed to come in with all their horses and unfortunitely for them and us fans alike they'll be missing their biggest horse, Andre Johnson.  That means the Texans will have to try and win with defense.  The Colts are in the middle of their Divisional Road Game Revenge Tour, having won stage 1 last week in Tennessee.  The Colts win stage 2 by pulling away at the end.  The Texans are for real, though, and will be alot of fun to watch all season.

 Colts 28 - 17 (7 Stars)

Minnesota @ Kansas City -2.5
- Maybe this is a bit of AFC West homerism, maybe it is a complete lack of respect for the Minnesota Vikings.  Probably a bit of both, but I still think the Chiefs are a tough out at home, and the Vikings are by no means a solid, complete team.  The Vikings are relying on defense, and while the Chiefs offense is putrid Larry Johnson is too good to keep down forever.  Call it wishful thinking, call it a gut feeling, but for some reason I like the Chiefs at home this weekend.

  Chiefs 20 - 17 (4 Stars)

Buffalo @ New England(-15.5)
- That is a HUGE number.  Very, very rarely is there a spread that large in teh NFL.  That's how good the guys in Vegas think the New England Patriots are.  Who am I to disagree?  The Pats are very talented, and even worse, have a huge chip on their shoulder.  People can yell and scream about tainted titles, but in the end it DOESN'T MATTER and the Pats are pissed.  The Bills are a mess, and if they don't turn it around soon could be on their way to a disasterous season, and a quarterback change to boot.  Give the points, the Patriots roll on.

  Patriots 34 - 10 (9 stars)

Miami (+3.5)@ New York Jets
- I'm not very high on either team, though the Jets did show some signs of life offensively in Baltimore last week.  It's the defense that has been inept, playing two games without a sack or turnover.  Miami has some defensive problems of their own, coming off a 37-20 home beatdown by the Cowboys.  This is going to be a nip and tuck game that will come down to the end.  A field goal will win it for the Jets so take the points.

  Jets 13 - 10 (5 Stars)

Detroit(+6.5) @ Philadelphia
- If I had told you before the season started that coming into this game there would be an 0-2 team and a 2-0 team.  Not that big of a surprise, right?  Well, unless you thought it would be the Lions that are undefeated, and the Eagles still searching for their first win.  Donovan McNabb created a stir with his comments regarding African-American quarterbacks, and even more of a stir with his disgusting play.  If the Eagles are going to repeat history(started 0-2 in 2003, finished with best record in NFC) they need to start with this game.  The Lions have enough talent on offense to keep it close, but the Lions just aren't ready to win a road game of this caliber, at least Eagle fans hope so!

  Eagles 20 - 14 (4 Stars)

San Francisco (+9.5) @ Pittsburgh
- The Steelers finally finished the Division I-AA portion of their schedule, welcoming the undefeated 49'ers into the big ketchup-bottle in a battle of unbeatens.  The Niners have come a along way and are on their way back to respectability.  Travelling cross-country to play the Steelers is never an easy task, and the news that the Niners lost Manny Lawson for the season made it that much harder.  It's games like this that you spedn all the money the Niners spent on the defense, and it's games like this you find out if it is paying dividends.  I like the Steelers in this game to win, but the Niners show they really are back.

  Steelers 24 - 17 (6 Stars)

St. Louis @ Tampa Bay(-3.5)
- Was there a bigger surprise last week than the Bucs, who completely dominated the Saints?  I don't think so and it goes to shw that Jon Gruden isn't dead yet.  Remember how Gruden ressurrected the career of Rich Gannon?  Now it's Jeff Garcia's turn, and with Garcia you can be sure of one thing, he won't make the mistakes that cost you a football game.  The Bucs could be a team to watch this year.  On the other side, it might just be a tough season in St. Louis.  The Rams, who got the benefit of opening with two-straight games at home, proceeded to lose both.  That's hard to rebound from, and having to travel to Tampa for a hot road game against a tough team won't make it any easier.  I like the Bucs, give the points, and the Rams are on their way to being one of the big disappointments of 2007

  Bucs 27 - 14 (6 Stars)

Jacksonville @ Denver(-3.5)
- If you believe that Vegas begins by giving the home team 3 points then they look at this game as a Pick'em.  Sure, the Broncos haven't lit up the scoreboard, but the offense is clicking, averaging over 450 yards per contest.  If you keep racking up that kind of yardage the points will come.  The Jags just aren't as good defensively as alot of people think, and with nagging injuries to Marcus Stroud, John Henderson and Reggie Hayward, the Jags run defense is primed to give up another 200 to the Broncos.  Travis henry is going to go off and the Broncos are going to finally put a team away early.  Give the points, the Broncos spare me another heart attack!

  Broncos 27 - 13 (7 Stars)

Cleveland (+3.5) @ Oakland
- The Browns opened some eyes, and ended the hopes of Survivor players everywhere, by dropping 51 on the Bengals last weekend.  While most don;t know it, the Browns have some talent on the offensive side of the ball.  Jamal Lewis ran like the guy who went over 2000 yards a few years back and Braylon Edwards finally appears to be turning into a player deserving of the #3 overall pick.  The Raiders have played tough two-straight weeks and have nothing to show for it except two losses.  It's never easy to go on the road, but I like the Browns offense better than I like the Raiders defense.  Take the points, Browns win.

  Browns 23 - 14 (4 Stars)

Cincinnati(+3.5) @ Seattle
- The Benglas are still reeling from their loss in Cleveland, and are rewarded with a trip cross-country to face the Seahawks.  The NFL's great enigma, you never realy know what to expect form the Seahawks.  Neither side of the ball is overly impressive, and the way they lost to Arizona last week is laughable.  While the Bengals aren't very good on defense, I am very confortable with what we'll get from Carson Palmer and the offense.  That gives the Bengals the advantage.  Take the points, the Bengals get a big road win.

  Bengals 28 - 24 (6 Stars)

Carolina(-3.5) @ Atlanta
- Two weeks into the season and the Panthers are who we thought they were, which is, well, I have no idea.  After looking great in a big road win week 1, the Panthers came home and were embarrassed by the Texans.  Which Panthers team will show up in Atlanta?  It won't really matter to be honest.  The Falcons are playing hard, but they just don't have alot of talent, and the entire roster was built with Michael Vick in mind.  Carolina, behind a big game from Steve Smith, wins big, give the points.

  Panthers 31 - 6(10 Stars)

NY Giants @ Washington(-4.5)
- Ya gotta give some credit to Joe Gibbs.  Wins three rings, goes to NASCAR and wins a couple titles, comes back to the NFL and looks to have the Redskins back to some level of respectability.  At 2-0, the 'Skins are in great shape to make a run, along with the Cowboys, in the NFC East.  Jason Campbell proved in Philly last week that he could stand in and deliver the ball and the more snaps he gets the better he'll get.  The Giants, on the other hand, do not play defense, at all, and look to be a team that knows their head coach is going to get fired.  Eli Manning is playing decent, but the Giants have alot of bad apples in the bunch, and the countdown is on for what looks to be a huge house-cleaning.  Give the points, Skins win big.

  Redskins 24 - 7 (7 Stars)

Dallas @ Chicago(-3.5)
-- Dallas is 2-0 and has looked great.  Chicago is 1-1, and the Rex Grossman watch continues.  This game has the looks of a Cowboys win written all over it.  The 'Boys haven't won a regular season game in the Windy City since 1984 and for some reason, in Primetime, I like that Bears defense to make some plays.  Devin Hestor will get some more looks on offense and the Bears will show theya re still the team to beat in the NFC.  An entertaining game sees the Bears score late for the win.

  Bears 17 - 13 (4 Stars)

Tennessee @ New Orleans(-4.5)
-- The Saints have been awful, on offense and defense.  Somewhere along the line the Saints forgot what makes their offense so go, a healthy dose of Deuce McAllister 20 times per game.  Coming home after two-blowout road losses, the Saints will be energized by an adoring home crowd and that fast track in the Dome.  The Saints have no pass defense, which is ok because Vince Young doesn't like to throw it.  Big time players show up in big time games and Monday Night Football is still a big time game.  Give the points, Saints win big.

  Saints 31 - 13 (8 Stars)

We'll know alot more about alot of teams in the NFL come Tuesday.  Let's hope it goes a bit better for me than Week 2!!!