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Straight From The Horses Mouth -- Shanny's Monday Presser

Mike Shanahan took to the mic to talk about yesterday's loss, Ryan Harris' injury and the status of Ben Hamilton --

On becoming concerned about the team's run defense --
"Obviously we are concerned about it, so we're working on it. That's really all you can do. We made a number of third downs, so it's really not about the yardage they got, it was four yards a carry. I think they were eight for sixteen, one for one on fourth downs, so you got to get them off the field. So, we are working on the things we did poorly and hopefully improve."

On moving anybody around in the lineup --
"No. We're just going to try to get better at what we're doing."

On not being in the right stop to execute on defense --
"Anytime you give up as many yards as we have rushing, there are a lot of issues. You go back to the basics and back to right gap responsibilities, making tackles and just getting them off the field."

On the missed tackles --
"We just have to get better at what we're doing. I can't make it clearer than that. Sometimes it's missed tackles, sometimes it's gap responsibilities, but players have got to improve in that area, and we will."

On losing S John Lynch to injury during the game --
"Anytime you lose a starter, that's the nature of the game. You're one play away from being a starter in this league, and when someone goes down like John, you're expected to come in and play like John. If they don't, it's not an excuse. That's why there are 45 guys on the team, everybody goes through that situation."

On playing DE Simeon Rice more --
"He played quite a bit. He played 37 plays yesterday. We rotate our defensive line, but that's a pretty heavy dose. It all depends on the game situation, first down, second down, long-yardage situations. We don't want to overdo it, but he did have quite a few plays for only being in camp for a few weeks."

On DE Elvis Dumervil --
"He's done a good job. He has a natural feel for getting to the quarterback, and is playing the run well too, so he's doing a good job. He has stepped up and has met the challenge; I have been pleased with his efforts."

On the team's red zone performance against Jacksonville --
"Yeah, there's not really any question about it. We've stopped a couple fourth-and-one situations, but when you're averaging the yards per play we are, you're moving the ball. But, in that one situation where we needed to get in to the end zone, we had an opportunity to go three-for-three, and went two-for-three. You want to take advantage of those opportunities, but you either do it or you don't, and we didn't do it. So you go back to the drawing board and present them with the same situation and hopefully we'll get it done."

On using WR Brandon Stokley's knowledge of Indianapolis' game plan --
"Well I think everybody tries to use as much knowledge as they can. That's a part of the game, especially if you have a guy that has been a part of their system. You study them all the time, and try to get a feel. Sometimes a player can confirm some of your thoughts. It's still (Indianapolis QB) Peyton Manning; you have to be on top of your game."

On the Colts' being as good as they were last year --
"I think defensively they are ranked fifth, and offensively they are ranked fourth, so they are playing extremely well. Last year, they had a hard time stopping the run, initially, but played extremely well through the playoffs. They are playing well on both sides of the ball right now."

On WR Brandon Marshall --
"I think everyone can see what Brandon can do with the ball in his hands. I think everybody knew he'd have a breakout game like that, but you can see what he can do when the ball is in his hands, he can break tackles and he can make big plays. It was nice to see him make some of those plays during that game (against Jacksonville)."

On availability of CB Domonique Foxworth --
"He practiced but I just didn't have a gut feel. I watched him in practice on Thursday and Friday and he was hobbling a little bit. We wanted to go into the game with eight defensive backs and if we would have had another defensive back go down, he would have had to go in. He would have gotten through but I think it would have set him back so I was hoping he wouldn't play."

On T Ryan Harris' return --
"He's supposed to be back Wednesday. (Head Athletic Trainer) Steve's (Antonopulos) got a good feel about him. He's been running exceptionally well, he's been lifting; it's been a good recovery. He said he's feeling better than he's felt so that's a good sign.

On status of G Ben Hamilton --
"I'm just keeping my fingers crossed. It's getting a little scary now, it's been a while. You never know with those concussions, that's why you have to be so careful. He still has symptoms that he had the first week, second week so we've just got to give him as much time as he needs."

On QB Jay Cutler's play vs. Jacksonville --
He played well. He made a number of big plays stepping up in the pocket, scrambling in both directions. About the only bad play he made was the last play. He was trying to make a play there. In the future we probably would have gone inside instead of outside. You like guys that are trying to make plays all the time."

On the headset problem --
"It was between the sideline and Jay. It's happened a few times where we had to get it corrected, it was just static. It never happens at home, sometimes on the road, that's why they've got us a few different frequencies now to help you out on the road but we haven't had problems on the road yet, maybe a little bit in Buffalo, but that was more crowd noise than it was communication."

On WR Brandon Marshall getting more throws his way --
"A lot has to do with the coverage, a lot has to do with us attacking a different personnel so it could be a number of those things. Obviously we're trying to get the ball to our wide receivers both Brandon [Marshall] and Javon [Walker] can make plays once they get the ball in their hands and [Brandon] Stokely has been doing exceptionally well."

On why RB Travis Henry's carries were limited --
"It was 20-7 just after halftime, the field goal was kicked on the first drive of the third quarter, I think there were seven minutes left and we missed the third down and I felt like we had to get into a little bit different type of rhythm. We had to come up with bigger plays, that's why his carries were limited.

On using RB Travis Henry more in the red zone --
"Maybe we've got to get down there more. We had a good run there in the red zone from the 10-yard line and got it to the six and then went into the end zone. There haven't been a lot of touchdowns score on Jacksonville so to run the ball in from the 10-yard line in two runs is pretty good."